You Can Now Hire Goats On Amazon

For as long as many of us can remember, Amazon has been the go-to source for all things awesome.

Honestly, it’s a goldmine for things we never knew we needed — or even wanted. Take this horse head mask for example…


It can’t possibly get any better than that, can it?

It can.

Earlier this year, Amazon rolled out Home Services, where you can shop for services, instead of products. The place to go if you ever needed a plumber, or a herd of goats.

Yes, you read it right: Amazon has goats for hire.


Apparently, goats are a very popular means of clearing brush and undergrowth without using herbicides.


Basically, if you have an unkempt lawn or backyard, hiring a goat grazer is the way to go.

According to the website: “Goats can eat tons of stuff! They’re curious little creatures that like to at least taste almost anything resembling a plant. They actually love to munch away at many types of vegetation that we find invasive, ugly, or harmful to humans.”

Weed Goats

“Goats can eat thistle, blackberry, English Ivy, kudzu, poison ivy, poison sumac, poison oak, wisteria, various grasses, and more. Your pro will be able to let you know for sure if the type of vegetation you want to get rid of happens to be on the goat’s menu.”

So how do you make sure that the furry little workers won’t go chomping on your mom’s prized roses?

U-T San Diego

“Once a pro has met with you to determine if unleashing some friendly goats on your property will help you get rid of any unwanted vegetation, you’ll receive a recommendation for how many goats will be loaned to you, how long those goats will keep you company, and how often a pro will come check on them to make sure they’re not attempting any fancy tricks to break free from the temporary fencing that will be placed around them.”

Best of all, they even leave you freebies!

Cory Mulroney

“As they graze, they will likely leave behind some droppings, too, and you’ll get to keep this fertilizer as a friendly parting gift!”

Smooth, Amazon. Real smooth.