30 Creative Cast Designs That Prove You Can Still Look Cool With An Injury

If you’ve ever had a cast you know that the doctor usually offers you one of three options: white, blue or pink. Well those days are over! Now with custom cast designs you can lessen the misery by choosing something that fits your style.

#1. This bunny has his heart on his sleeve.

1 Source

#2. The new prototype from Stark Industries.

image001 Source

#3. When you want to show exactly how bad the break was.

image002 Source

#4. Everything looks cooler in Steampunk

image003 Source

#5. 3D printing is kind of the coolest thing that’s ever happened to casts.

image004 Source

#6. Hopefully his skin underneath isn’t itching and burning like fire…

image005 Source

#7. Captain America’s sidekick.

image006 Source

#8. In case you want to remind yourself what you broke in there…

image007 Source

#9. This poor pooch has probably never even seen Dexter’s Laboratory.

image008 Source

#10. He’s lucky he has a broken arm and not a shark bite!

image009 Source

#11. Love your city? Paint it!

image010 Source

#12. If she painted this with her other hand, then I’m impressed.

image011 Source

#13. This is far better than using real spray paint. Trust me.

image012 Source

#14. Now let’s see if this Spiderman cast can shoot actual webbing.

image013 Source

#15. Feeling a bit blue? Zazu from the Lion King will look after that broken bone.


#16. Holy Moly! Great cast of fire!

image015 Source

#17. Have a tattoo in mind? Give it a temporary test run on your cast!


#18. This person is truly dedicated.


#19. This cast just went from clumsy to “whoa” in two seconds.

image018 Source

#20. Van Gogh Edvard Munch would be proud.

image019 Source

Whether you want to give your artistic side an exciting new canvas or experiment with a new design, improving the current cast status quo is an absolute must!