Cat-Packs Are The Purrfect Way To Take Your Pet On Sightseeing Adventures

We’ve all tried forcing a cat into a backpack (er… probably) in the hope that our furry friend will come along on a fun adventure in the outside world. Now you can make that a reality with U-Pet’s super snazzy, pet-carrying backpacks.

The cat-pack has a porthole for your cat to peek out of, so they can enjoy the view (or just look completely baffled and alarmed, like this cat).

The carriers are getting rave reviews on Amazon, with one user saying, “It’s so cute and unique. With the bubble window, it makes me think of a tiny spaceship with a cat at the helm.”

“From the inside the cat can get a good view of the world. And it’s a backpack, too! So cool!”

They have breathing holes too, obviously. Look how content this kitty is.

U-pet’s website says the carriers “give your pet a window to the world” while allowing you to “show off your pet to the outside world.”

They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so big cats and small dogs alike can look like an astronaut while you lug them about on your shoulders.

Prices start at $79 and you can buy your cat-pack from Amazon or U-Pet’s website.

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