Cat Ninja

If you have been looking for the unblocked version of the popular Cat Ninja game, we’ve got some good and bad news to tell you.

Cat Ninja Game

We understand your frustration. You have spent ages looking for that addicting Cat Ninja game you used to love playing only to be met with an ‘Adobe Flash Player is blocked’ message. The reason for this is simple: most of the Cat Ninja versions were made in Flash, but sadly, Adobe has announced that they will no longer be supporting Flash Player after December 31, 2020. This means that Flash will be blocked on all websites, regardless of the browser you use.

That’s why most sites with Cat Ninja simply don’t work anymore. Flash is gone and it will not be coming back.

Fortunately, there is one Cat Ninja game that still works, which we have added right here for you to play. Unlike the Flash versions, this one was made in HTML5, so it runs just fine in all modern browsers. While this may not be the version you were looking for, it is quite similar to the original and a lot of fun to play. Try it out:

Ninja Cat

For years, the elusive ‘ninja cat’ has appeared countless times on online discussion sites like Reddit. This funny meme typically features a cat photographed in some suspicious or ninja-type pose.

Since this is, after all, a post about Cat Ninja, we decided to compile a selection of hilarious photos of ninja cats that we handpicked for your entertainment. If you like having a good laugh, you don’t want to miss going through these!

#1. “That’s enough coffee, hooman”

#2. “This is why we cat-ninjas are better, dog.”

#3. “I move unseen. I hide in the shadows. I am plastic-bag-ninja-cat.”

#4. “Half ninja, half cat, half Spiderkitty. What is math?”

#5. “yass… mm… nourishment for ninja activitiez…”

#6. “I am the night.”

#7. “This thing they call ‘hide and seek’… I like it.”

#8. “We are cat-ninjas… physics does not apply to us.”

#9. “Pit bull? Where I’m from, we call this ‘practice instrument’.”

#10. “You will sleep eventually… I will strike then.”

#11. “Yasss… the hoomans are having a steak, out. I stays home and has stakeout.”

#12. “Drat! Our secret meeting place has been compromised!”

#13. “Back up slowly, hooman. You didn’t see nothin’.”

#14. Hair ball in the corner pocket.

#15. “Oh. Hello hooman. I’m just…. hanging out.”

#16. This one will take a while.

#17. I sense a disturbance in the fau…cet.

#18. This is why we can’t have nice things.

#19. “Nothing to see here, move along.”

#20. “I iz undetectable!! But hooman… must not… touch… remote…”

#21. This may be the most high-maintenance Christmas tree decoration ever.

#22. “I’ll wait until he sleeps.”

#23. “Sometimes when I’m bored, I levitate.”

#24. “Once you look into my eyes, you’re mine. Muhahaha!”

#25. “There is no such thing as ‘too high’.”

#26. “Go away, I’m trying to camouflage here.”

#27. If you thought he was in the small black box, you’re not the only one.

#28. (Jaws theme song plays in the background)

#29. “Halp!”

#30. Baby ninja in training.

#31. “Gravity does not work on me, human.”

#32. “No one will ever notice.”

#33. “Feel the wrath of a ninja assassin, you colorful inanimate object!”