Check Out This Quick DIY Child-Proofing Hack With A Baby Wipes Container

There are endless lists of things that parents need to childproof in the house, but electrical outlets are the most dangerous since they’re usually located low and within a young child’s height range. Plus, they can be incredibly tempting for kids to stick their fingers in them! 

Moms across the United States are sharing this clever childproofing hack that works like a charm, and the best part is you may already have it lying around — empty baby wipes containers.

Brittany Kurtz shared this hack on Facebook and has since then been shared over 179,000 times. 

First, you’ll need to get your empty baby wipe container, remove the adhesive top or ‘dispenser portion,’ then place it over the outlets — it should perfectly fit over standard outlets. 

Once the hack started getting shared online, parents from all over commented on the savvy idea, saying not only it works, but it’s extremely affordable as well. After all, who doesn’t love upcycling and saving more money? 

Other parents are concerned about the hack’s safety, but when you use it along with other covers, it can provide double protection — doubling the level of safety and your savings! 

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