US News Anchor Makes Hilariously Rude Blunder Live On Air Due To Teleprompter Typo

NBC 12 Virginia anchor Eric Philips and co-host Karla Reddite caught a serious case of the giggles when a typo in the prompter script caused a very naughty slip of the tongue.

Instead of advising viewers to “check their pantries” in a segment about faulty slow cookers, Eric announced people should “check their panties”.


“I think that’s supposed to be pantries,” Philips corrected himself, as Karla burst out laughing beside him.

“I couldn’t warn you before I saw, I couldn’t warn you, Eric, I’m so sorry!” laughed Karla, as the pair giggled through the rest of the segment.


Philips later posted a picture of the script to prove he wasn’t lying — it really did read “check your panties”.


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