Child Hospitalizations Due to Coronavirus Rise 23% in Florida

Children with Masks
New cases and hospitalizations due to Covid-19 have surged among kids in Florida.

Florida Health officials say more children are requiring hospitalization due to coronavirus infections. 

As of July 16, 246 children had been hospitalized due to coronavirus. By July 24, that number had jumped to 303 which translates to a 23% increase in child Covid-19 hospitalizations in eight days. 

During that span of time, five kids have died. Worse, the rate of transmission in children is also increasing. On July 16, the state had a total of 23,170 children ages 17 and under who had tested positive since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Health officials stressed that the test positivity rate among children has gone up, too — from 13.4% to 14.4% between July 16 and 24. More children are testing positive for the virus in Martin County (25.3%) and Miami-Dade County (19.6%).

The surge in child Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations is under the spotlight with only a few weeks to go before schools are set to reopen for in-person learning. 

White House coronavirus task force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx maintains scientists are still studying how quickly children under the age of 10 can spread the virus.

The Trump administration, however, has ordered schools to physically open next month. Parents and medical officials do not fully agree with this order.

Dr. Andrew Pastewski, a father and medical director of the intensive care unit at Jackson South Medical Center in Miami said, “I do understand the need for opening up the schools. Kids need to develop, they need to grow, they need to learn, they need to develop social skills. However, we’re surging right now. I would not think opening up during a surge was the right time.”