Chris Cuomo ‘Dying’ to Return to Network Television

Former CNN host Chris Cuomo has been seen making his rounds around the Good Morning America studios as he considers joining the show following the sudden departures of hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach.

“Chris is dying to make a triumphant return to network television, and the scandal with Amy and T.J. has him smelling an opportunity,” spilled a source.

“He’s already made some discreet inquiries and fantasized about filling any opening at ABC,” said the insider.

ABC executives made the decision to remove the pair from the show last week after photos surfaced of them on multiple dates during their 6-month affair. Both Holmes and Robach remain married to their spouses. It remains to be seen whether Cuomo will join the show.

Chris Cuomo, 52, was dismissed from CNN last year amid accusations of sexual harassment of an employee and helping his brother, ex-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, with journalistic integrity. Currently, he is the host of a podcast and a show called CUOMO on NewsNation, which has had difficulty garnering viewership.

“His titanic ego will never be satisfied with hosting a podcast and a news show on some fringe network,” said the source. “Chris wants back in the game with a major network.”

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