Captain America Chris Evans Shares Videos Of Dog He Rescued From Local Shelter

For National Pet Day this year, Captain America himself wanted to share a heartwarming story and video on social media.


He was sharing on his Twitter the first time he met his beloved dog, Dodger.


The Hollywood star’s pup, who was a rescue dog, was so eager to meet Chris that he couldn’t remain seated as he desperately tried to touch his hand with his paw. Chris knew right there and then that the puppy would be going home with him later that day.

With this post on social media, it’s a good way to promote the adoption of rescue pets.


Chris often shares posts of him and Dodger on his Twitter and they’re so adorable that you just can’t get enough of seeing them.

Since Chris shared his tweet, it’s been retweeted over 50,000 times and liked more than 250,000 times. Hopefully with this post, people are encouraged to go to their nearest rescue center and find their canine best friends.