Cirque Du Soleil Performer Dies After Failed Aerial Stunt

A Cirque Du Soleil performer died on Saturday, March 17, after sustaining injuries due to a fall during a stunt.

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Yann Arnaud, who had been performing for almost 15 years and was considered a veteran performer, fell more than a dozen feet after losing his grip on a strap during the performance of Volta in Tampa Florida. He was given immediate care and was brought to the Tampa General Hospital, where he passed away due to his injuries.

The tragedy happened in front of a live audience where children were also watching.

President and Chief Executive Daniel Lamarre flew to Tampa to be with the rest of the cast. “We were very surprised, considering his experience, that something like that happened,” Lamarre said to Reuters in a telephone interview, “I cannot describe to you how the people feel. It’s terrible.”

The last two shows of Volta scheduled for Sunday were cancelled due to the incident.

Posted by Cirque du Soleil on Sunday, March 18, 2018


This was not the first time a performer died during a stunt. In the 34 years that the company has been in business, this was the second fatality resulting from a stunt during a show.

Sarah Guillot-Guyard died in June of 2013 when she fell during a stunt in Cirque du Soleil’s Ka show in Las Vegas.

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The stunt which Arnaud performed, the double rings, was seen to be a very safe number. Authorities are looking into the incident and an autopsy will be performed on Monday. Arnaud was survived by his wife and two children.