27 Coffee Dessert Recipes That’ll Satisfy Your Caffeine Addiction

Short of having the rich brown liquid injected into your bloodstream, your caffeine dependency has you scrounging for more and more coffee-flavored noms to tide you over until the next batch of java. Here are some delightfully sinful ways to satisfy your caffeine fix:

#1. Chocolate-Espresso & Caramel Sandwich Cookies.

This isn’t just your regular sandwich cookie. It’s sophisticated, like the aristocrat of sandwich cookies. It’s the cookie that drives a Bentley and drinks martinis at 1pm. Recipe here.

#2. Dulce De Leche & Coffee Cake with Caramel Latte Glaze.

That pretzel layer. That mouthwatering glaze. That delicious-looking dulche de leche… oooh don’t you wanna just dive in there? Recipe here.

#3. Chocolate Dipped Espresso Meringues.

Almost too pretty to eat! Key word: Almost. Recipe here.

#4. Molten Chocolate-Espresso Cakes.

There are days when we want our chocolate oozing and caffeine-y. And by that we mean all the days. Recipe here.

#5. Coffee, Cinnamon & Muscovado Sugar Flan.

A flan is a traditional Mexican custard dessert usual — oh hell, just eat it already! Recipe here.

#6. Chocolate Glazed Espresso Cheesecake.

Coffee lovers know that tingle for the next cuppa all too well. Sometimes it’s a little. Sometimes it’s a latte. But all of the time, it’s impossible to resist. Recipe here.

#7. Pecan Brownie Buns with Espresso Glaze.

This is what happens when a brownie, a cinnamon roll, and a Starbucks cappuccino made a baby together — you end up with an entire cake in your belly. Recipe here.

#8. Coffee Napoleon.

This puff pastry would go really well with some hot tea. If only you could stop eating for a minute to pour yourself a cup, that is. Recipe here.

#9. Chocolate-Coffee Pecan Pie.

It’s like your average sticky, gooey pecan pie, but better. The chocolate chunks give it a cookie-like feel, while the mocha taste adds balance to this traditionally cloying pie. Recipe here.

#10. Stout Sticky Puddings with Ginger and Coffee Toffee.

If you like your toffee pudding swimming in a pool of coffee toffee sauce, then this one’s for you. Recipe here.

#11. Espresso And Walnut Brittle.

This easy recipe can be made within a matter of minutes… as fast as it takes for you boil a kettle. Recipe here.

#12. Cappuccino Pancakes with Mocha Syrup.

Your coffee and brunch in one. Recipe here.

#13. Migoya’s Flourless Chocolate Cake.

Creating this dessert is no easy feat — it’s made of layers of meringue, espresso cream, and twelve salted ganache demi-spheres. Get yourself a Red Bull before starting. Recipe here.

You know what this looks like? Sweet, delicious regret. But the welcome kind. Recipe here.

#15. Walnut, Poppy-seed, Mocha, and Dulce de Leche Cake (or Korolevsky Cake).

This cake will use up every pot, pan, and bowl in your kitchen, but it will be worth it. Why are the Russians so goddamned talented? Crazy, but talented. Recipe here.

#16. Mocha Meringues With Espresso Ice Cream.

Light-as-air meringues are a crisp and crunchy contrast to the creamy ice cream filling. Recipe here.

#17. Drunken Mocha Cake with Banana Foster Topping.

If you must know, it’s the cake that’s drunk. The alcohol in the batter will evaporate in the oven, so you’d probably only get a little sugar high. Recipe here.

#18. Espresso and Lemon Biscotti.

Question: would it be socially acceptable to fit seven of these in someone’s mouth all at once? Asking for a friend. Recipe here.

#19. Eggnog Latte.

You won’t be able to find a big enough cup for this sweet drink. Recipe here.

#20. Coffee Maple Donuts.

We’ve just found the new heavyweight champion of the donut world. Recipe here.

#21. Swedish Mocha Cake.

If it really looks that plain and unimpressive, why are you on your third helping? Recipe here.

#22. Espresso Creme Brûlée.

This creme brûlée bravely goes where no creme brûlée has gone before. Recipe here.

#23. Mocha Rum Cake with Cappuccino Rum Buttercream.

You wouldn’t be able to resist this cake if your life depended on it. Recipe here.

#24. Cinnamon Espresso Bundt With Chocolate Ganache.

It looks so unbelievably decadent. I wanna smoosh my face in it. Recipe here.

#25. Vegan Tiramisu.

There are a lot of foodstuff vegans miss, and at the top of the list would be tiramisu. Well, they should start rejoicing, because their favorite dessert just got vegan-ized. Recipe here.

#26. Tiramisu Ice Cream.

What could be better than tiramisu? Why, an ice cream version of tiramisu, of course! Recipe here.

#27. Mocha Panna Cotta.

One of the easiest desserts to make, but definitely not one that disappoints. Recipe here.