20 Best Collarbone Tattoos for Men

Collarbone tattoos for men are the new trend in body art. Men are choosing to ink their collarbones with intricate designs that range from tribal patterns to skull motifs. Collarbone tattoos are a great way to show off your physique and add some personality to your look. While they can be painful to get, the results are well worth it. If you’re considering getting a collarbone tattoo, be sure to do your research and choose a design that is meaningful to you. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect tattoo for you – let’s explore some of them.

1. Mandala Collarbone Tattoo

The mandala is a famous symbol that both men and women should love to have on their bodies. Although more prevalent in women as a shoulder tattoo, more men are creative in displaying this piece with masculinity. Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means “circle.” When tattooed, it is designed with shapes and lines that create outward growth. It is thought to represent eternity, balance, and perfection. On its own, the mandala is already a unique design that reflects harmony. As a collarbone tattoo design, men can create an exquisite and large mandala that spans the whole area of the chest and circles to the back. You can wear it like a necklace, but the tattoo can also be intricate but straightforward.   

2. Minimalist Collarbone Tattoo

There is a certain appeal in having a minimalist tattoo design, primarily if you aim for a collarbone minimalist tattoo. The spot is quite painful because of the thin skin and the closeness to the clavicle. Minimalist designs are the next most remarkable thing if you want a tattoo that stands out but with fewer details. It is ideal for men with a laid-back personality and those who prefer to focus more on the design outlines. Though there is no shading or coloring involved, it is still impactful as the other tattoo design on the list. And indeed, you don’t need a huge tattoo design to make a statement. 

3. Bird Collarbone Tattoo

If you are influenced by the idea of freedom, travel, and being in control, a bird tattoo on your collarbone is an attractive option to consider. Collarbone bird tattoo is a popular choice for men who value the symbolism that birds carry. The meanings may vary according to the species you choose, making it unique and appealing for you. A colorful bird tattoo on this spot will stand out, but you can also have a minimalistic image if you want a more straightforward design. 

4. Flower Collarbone Tattoo

A collarbone tattoo has always been an appealing choice for men because of its visibility. You can have various elements on this perfect placement, and one of the most popular choices is a collarbone flower tattoo. Despite the feminine link of flowers, they look great on men’s collarbones, incredibly when inked intricately and in large detailed design. It can be small and discreet, or it can spread out to cover the clavicle. Each bloom is associated with something significant. Thus, choose the best one that you’d resonate with. You can keep things simple with black ink or have bold and vivid florals for a piece that you will love. 

5. Feather Collarbone Tattoo 

Similar to the bird tattoo, a collarbone feather tattoo evokes the exact representation of freedom, bravery, courage, and liberty. For the Native Americans, feather tattoos are associated with spiritual protection. The powerful symbolism attached to these tattoo designs makes them a popular option for getting collarbone ink. More so, the shape of the feather works wonderfully along the line of your clavicle. 

6. Name Collarbone Tattoo

For a personalized tattoo design, a collarbone name tattoo is your best option. This body art can carry the name or names of significant people in your life. It is one of the best ways to honor someone who passed away or showcase your love and affection for your family. Some have their child’s name inked along with the birthdate, while others opt to have the name of their significant other. There are simple designs for a collarbone name tattoo, but you may want to add more details such as hearts, flowers, and further information to achieve the symbolism you wish to.  

7. Quote Collarbone Tattoo

A quote tattoo often says the things you want in just a couple of words. Some people are inspired by famous quotes, song lyrics, movie lines, or poems. They feel that these words touch their person and values deeply. On the other hand, some want to remember essential remarks from their loved ones. If you are thinking of a design for your next ink, consider a collarbone quote tattoo. This spot is perfect for short phrases that are extra special to you. 

8. Animal Collarbone Tattoo

Getting a collarbone tattoo is a big decision to make. Thinking about the design that suits your personality and values is another challenge that you will face. There are a plethora of images that might appeal to you. Thus, choose the best one that expresses your values. The collarbone and upper chest area are a perfect canvas if you are aiming for detailed and intricate artwork. It can span from one collarbone to the other. You can choose your animal spirits or a battle scene if you want something intense. Whatever elements you put into the design should always resonate with your personality, especially with struggles and strength. 

9. Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo

Some discomfort may accompany a tattoo on the collarbone or clavicle, but it is always worth it when you see the design you always imagine. You must decide on a design that you will love to wear proudly for a long time. Consider getting a butterfly tattoo if you want to show people how you have grown and transformed into a better person after all these years. This element is not only reserved for females because they can look astoundingly masculine with the correct details. A collarbone butterfly tattoo is something that you will want to show off. 

10. Boat Collarbone Tattoo

A collarbone boat tattoo can be done simply in black ink or with a wide range of vivid colors. The collarbone area provides ample space if you also wish for a more detailed tattoo design. The boat can be sailing on calm waters to represent your peace and contentment. Also, it may be floating on troubled waters, expressing your worries and hard times. Deciding to have this design inked on top of your collarbone will help remind you of your struggles through rough times and how you successfully sailed through them. 

11. Under Collarbone Tattoo

Under the collar bone, tattoo designs are a tad more comfortable because it is less sensitive than when you have it over the bone itself. But still, be prepared for some discomfort for an excellent tattoo like birds, snakes, or names. Some designs look fantastic in this stop instead of over the clavicle. Thus, men need to consider the shape and then place their tattoo before getting it started. 

12. Snake Collarbone Tattoo

Snake tattoo designs are also trendy among men because it is somewhat intimidating and scary. The snake is a cross-cultural symbol with varied meanings such as transformation, wisdom, and fertility. Some people believe that it is associated with rebirth, while others think it is a sinister creature. Regardless of your reasons for getting this image for your next tattoo, having it on your collarbone is a great spot. A collarbone snake tattoo will look great inked on the clavicle because it will look like it is twisted around the bone. This tattoo design will surely catch attention because of its unique touches and significant meanings. 

13. Branch Collarbone Tattoo

A collarbone branch tattoo will look amazingly stylish because the spot is perfect for the image’s shape. The clavicle is also narrow and long. Thus it will snugly accommodate the branch and the leaves that go with it. Apart from the stunning image, people also have this tattoo design of a component because it is associated with resilience and strength to overcome adversity. Depending on the type of tree branch you choose, the meaning may also change. The olive branch, for instance, represents victory and peace. 

14. Moon Collarbone Tattoo

Various meanings come with a collarbone moon tattoo. It depends on the phase you choose, the colors, and the shapes. A full moon often represents insanity or mystery, while a crescent moon is linked with change and transition. Moon tattoos are excellent choices for men who look deeply into their lives and plan the direction they will go. Make a remarkable statement with a moon tattoo on the collarbone, catch attention and show off your unique body art. 

15. Heart Collarbone Tattoo

A heart tattoo on the collarbone is a simple yet meaningful design popular for both men and women. It is a universally accepted symbol that represents passion and love. There are thousands of variations of a collarbone heart tattoo; you can have a simple image or a colorful work of art. The meaning will still be the same, and it will look great on you. Some men prefer to have the basic shape of the heart, while others add more elements like the names of their loved ones. The color you choose for your ink will also change its meaning. A red heart means romance, while a black nature means grief. 

16. Roman Numerals Collarbone Tattoo

Another popular ink design for men is the collarbone Roman numeral tattoo. This system is not something that we see or use every day. Thus having it arranged to indicate a particular date or time will undoubtedly start conversations. It can display the birth of a child, an anniversary, or the death of a loved one. Ordinarily, people will not interpret the meaning of your tattoo, so they will surely ask about it. You can share it with them or keep it a secret. 

17. Abstract Collarbone Tattoo

Just like any abstract art, a collarbone abstract clavicle tattoo does not have a singular meaning. It is always open to the interpretation of the wearer or the artist that made it. If you prefer this option, you can decide whether to have lines, shapes, colors, or symbols. You can make it as unique to you as possible. Some people choose abstract art to represent a person, animal, or place, but the most important thing about this is its evokes emotion.  

18. Symbol Collarbone Tattoo

The collarbone is a fantastic canvass for men to place their most significant tattoo design ideas. Symbols are one of the most popular choices because men attach personal meanings to a character. Each sign will be unique to the wearer, with the designs that you love. Symbols can range from Native American markings or Old Norse symbols. Choosing this design is also a wonderful tribute to these cultures. It can be tiny images, shapes, or patterns. 

Whichever type of symbol that you decide on, be sure to choose something that you resonate with. 

19. Wings Collarbone Tattoo

A wing tattoo on the collarbone area can be done grandly to cover both sides perfectly, or you can only have it on one side. It should showcase great detailing and highlight its powerful meaning. Men always loved their freedom, and a collarbone wings tattoo can be the perfect expression of these values. Make this wing tattoo as gorgeous as possible with all the right features, lines, and shapes. You can have angel wings, bird wings, robotic wings, and other inspirations. If you trust your artist to get it right, then you will have one of the most exciting clavicle tattoo designs ever!

20. Collarbone Tattoo Cover Up

Let’s face it, not all people live forever, loving some of the tattoos they have. Some people make mistakes and are no longer proud to wear the collarbone tattoo they have. It could be due to a heartache or an event in their lives that they want to forget. Whatever reasons you have for wishing your ink would disappear, trust that you are not alone in your struggle. Some people go through all lengths to have the tattoo removed. Fortunately, you can cover up tattoo designs that you regret having. However, be ready to experience more pain because working over an old design requires more details and more extensive work. After the session, you will be happier to wear the perfect tattoo you will proudly proud of.  


What Do Collarbone Tattoos Mean?

Collarbone tattoos, like other placements, don’t hold a particular meaning. They usually refer to the area, and the meaning it holds depends on the design itself. But since the place is visible, many people associate it with meaningful designs. 

Do Collarbone Tattoos Hurt? 

The pain of getting a collarbone tattoo is subjective. That’s because it depends on the personal pain threshold each person has. Plus, other factors. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that the collarbone area consists of thinner cushioning. That means it’s more sensitive. 

How Much Does Collarbone Tattoos Cost? 

Artists charge by the hour, and the rate depends on the shop or their experience. But for a standard collarbone tattoo, expect to pay anywhere between $120 to $200 per hour. But keep in mind that the total costs will depend on the tattoo’s size, design, and style. 

How Long Will It Take For a Collarbone Tattoo To Heal?

When getting collarbone tattoos, they’ll likely heal within 2 to 3 weeks. But keep in mind that though they may look and feel healed, it can take as long as six months to heal fully.