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10 Handy Cooking Cheat Sheets You’ll Want To Print And Hang In Your Kitchen

#1. Cooking times, weight conversions, meat cuts, and more in one handy cheat sheet.

Via Everest.

#2. Know your knives.


#3. Know what you can and can’t compost.

Via Mother Nature Network.

#4. Learn which foods keep you full and prevent that sugar crash.

Via Massive Health.

#5. How to cook anything on the grill.

Via Column Five.

#6. Eat the most nutritious foods.

Via Chasing Delicious.

#7. Know the shelf-life of food and put an end to food waste.


#8. Missing an ingredient? Use these substitutions.

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#9. If you ever cook something too spicy, keep calm, and use the guide below.


#10. Learn how to fillet your own fish.

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