Coronavirus Infections In The U.S. Are Dropping Rapidly

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Coronavirus cases

Coronavirus cases continued their sharp decline last week, a welcome development that could help restart the economy, reopen schools, and businesses. 

Axios reported an average of 108,000 Americans were diagnosed with COVID-19 infections each day over the past week, which is a 24% decline from the week before.

Hospitalizations were also down by about 8% last week, and deaths fell by 3%. 

However, the virus is still killing an average of roughly 3,000 Americans per day. Which is why masks, social distancing and vaccines are considered the most effective weapons against the more contagious variants.

Reports said the 108,000 new cases and 3,000 deaths per day is still a very bad situation. But, all over the country, average daily cases have been declining by double digits for four weeks straight. 

Axios noted that the best way to avoid a surge in cases from the new variants is to ramp up vaccinations, buckle down on masks and social distancing, including double masks when necessary.