Meet Goliath, The Adorable Baby Cow Who Thinks He’s A Dog

Meet Goliath. He’s an adorable calf who seems to have taken a bit too much after his Great Dane friend Leonidas.

When Goliath was born, he was very sick and couldn’t even drink from a milk bottle. So in order to give him the care he needed to survive, Shaylee Hubbs adopted him.

One morning, Hubbs left the house for a few minutes and when she returned couldn’t find Goliath anywhere. “We panicked and looked all around the house and checked for any open gates,” Hubbs told CountryLiving. “Everything seemed in order.”

“Then we walked into the house and look who we found lounging ever so comfortably on our couch — Goliath!!! This was triumph and victory, a nice comfortable place on the couch!”

And he’s also fit in with the rest of the family, becoming instant friends with Leonidas: “He would lick the little cow on the face and try to nudge him to stand up. He would lay down with the sick little cow for hours just to keep him company.”

Goliath has become so domesticated that he even loves eating dog food and being scratched underneath his chin.