30 Crown Tattoos For Men Of Power

When deciding to get inked, it’s best to make the most out of it and pick a ‘cool’ design that’s rich in symbolism. In this case, a crown tattoo should be an excellent option for powerful men, thanks to the meaning associated with the image. Plus, it can help men discover and connect with their sense of royalty. The head adornment is connected to monarchy, representing strength, self-control, glory, and triumph, reminding every man of the hidden ‘king’ inside them. 

Since body art is like most other art forms, you can let your creativity loose when picking a particular crown design. If you’re feeling like a king, then consider these 30 crown tattoos for men that perfectly assert male dominance. 

1. Simple Crown Tattoo

There’s beauty in simplicity, and when it comes to body art, sometimes, a minimalistic approach is the way to go. Although there’s an appeal in extensive and complex designs, not each one has to be like that, and sometimes, simple tattoo designs hold the most profound meanings. Some men like to approach body art in this particular way, choosing ‘basic’ yet meaningful ink. If you’re opting for a simple crown tattoo, it’s wise to focus on its shapes and lines to emphasize the design more. These often consist of minimal shading and look best in classic black ink. 

2. King Crown Tattoo

Royal crowns are often worn by monarchy and are associated with power and glory, appealing to many men since it reminds them of their inner strength, boosting their drive to succeed. There are numerous options for getting inked with a crown, and the best part is, you can get as creative as you’d like. A few men prefer to honor their relationship with a king crown tattoo and are often done by including phrases like “her king,” letting the world know he’s taken. 

3. Queen Crown Tattoo

Although a queen crown may seem feminine, it can be an excellent option for a strong man as it represents nobility, royalty, and victory. It’s a great way to assert that the wearer is powerful but with a softer side, subtly showing a man’s dominance. Additionally, the wearer can get inked with a queen crown tattoo to honor the females in his life, whether it’s their mom or significant other. It also makes for excellent body art when combined with a king crown. 

4. Embellished Crown Tattoo

Often, crown tattoos are combined with other elements representing wealth and power. If you’re looking to portray your message better, it’s best to get a crown tattoo embellished in numerous diamonds and gemstones in different sizes. It’s an excellent way to assert male dominance, showing how affluent you are in power and spirit. Additionally, it’s wise to have this piece colored to make a more significant statement. 

5. Matching Crown Tattoo

Crown tattoos for men look the best when combined with other elements, but men can also pull them off independently. A great way to make a sole crown tattoo more appealing is by getting a matching one with your significant other, successfully asserting your dominance while displaying your softer side. The best part about sole crown tattoos is that you can have them in any size, and in this case, getting a small matching one with your partner on the ring finger is a great way to portray your message. 

6. Crown With Stars Tattoo

Star tattoos have become a popular trend among men in recent years, representing honor, ambition, and hope. Adding a crown to the mix can help emphasize the message more, showing off that you’re in control of your dreams and are ready to face the rough periods in your life, guiding you to find the right direction—all while asserting your masculinity and dominance.

7. Crown and Anchor Tattoo

One of the best ways men can assert their dominance is through an eye-catching body art piece. To make a tattoo impactful, combining a crown with an anchor is a good idea as the anchor represents strength and stability, which holds a person down when the going gets tough, and the headpiece can remind them that better things are coming. However, it can also have other interpretations, but regardless of the meaning, this tattoo can send a strong message that the wearer is always ready to settle things with his own hands. 

8. Crown with Wings Tattoo

If you’re looking for a robust and intricate ink design, then a crown tattoo with ‘wings’ would be a great choice. A crown with wings is a popular choice among Western men and is usually worn on the chest. The reason behind the placement is that to make an impact, the piece needs to be bigger than your average tattoo, and the crown needs ample surface to be inked on the skin, and there’s no better area for it than the chest. The tattoo itself symbolizes immense power. 

However, that was in ancient times. Nowadays, a crown with wings is often perceived as lucky charms, with most people feeling that this tattoo instantly strengthens them to do more and not give up, all while displaying power. 

9. Crown of Thorns Tattoo

A crown of thorns is often perceived as a religious symbol, originating from the Bible story of Jesus Christ, forced to wear the thorn crown ahead of his crucifixion. It’s symbolic of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for humankind, making for excellent and striking body art. Spiritual men looking to show off their faith and independence through body art can have a crown of thorns tattoo in itself or have it portrayed with the head of Jesus Christ.

10. Small Crown Tattoo

Small tattoos are an excellent option for working men who don’t want the piece to stand out but still want to get their message of dominance across. The best part about small crown tattoos is that you can get one anywhere on your body and whether you pick a tiny tattoo on your arm, wrist, chest, and hand, you can always choose to have it concealed and out on display whenever you want. Overall, a small crown tattoo makes for an excellent first and easy tattoo for men.

11. King Leonidas With Crown Tattoo

King Leonidas was a famous Greek king and warrior in Sparta. He’s remembered for his noble sacrifice and death at the Battle of Thermopylae. Also, he’s well-known for marching with only 300 soldiers toward the enemy’s army at Thermopylae. “300” was the movie from the stylized comic retelling of the Spartans against the Persians at Thermophylae. There’s no better way to indicate your dominance and that you’re generally awesome than getting a king Leonidas tattoo with a crown. 

12. Lion with Crown Tattoo

The lion is widely known as the king of the jungle. That’s why it isn’t surprising to see that many use the majestic animal to portray a ‘crown.’ The best thing about combining a lion and a crown is that they boast powerful symbolism, with the beast often being associated with courage, royalty, and power. Meanwhile, the royal headpiece represents victory and control. Men valuing these qualities or those looking to establish that they’re alphas will find lion crown tattoos to be a suitable choice, reflecting their beliefs. 

13. Crown and Eagle Tattoo

The eagle has been a symbol of power for centuries. The Romans included the eagle in their staff, and countless royal families have the eagle and crown emblem as well. Combining the eagle with a crown usually means leadership and nobility. Although it may also have different interpretations, this is usually the exact reason why many men get eagle tattoos.

14. Dragon and Crown Tattoo

The dragon is a powerful mythical creature and is a favorite tattoo design among men as not only do they look cool, but they also represent power and wisdom. There are different kinds of dragons to choose from, with each one boasting a unique meaning. For instance, horned dragons usually represent strength, while celestial dragons indicate protection. Combining these with a crown shows your dominance, much like a king or ruler. 

15. Owl With A Crown Tattoo

Owls are mysterious creatures widely believed to symbolize wisdom and knowledge, and combining them with a crown adds to the message of power, indicating you’re a powerful and wise man. Designs can be drawn realistically or in a more traditional style and is usually ideal for ankles, hands, and wrists. Overall, if you’re looking for a tattoo that doesn’t conform easily, an owl tattoo with a crown is ideal. 

16. Name with Crown Tattoo

If you’re looking for a profoundly personal tattoo, a name with a crown tattoo is ideal. After all, since tattoos are meant to be permanent, it only makes sense to choose something visually appealing and meaningful to make the most out of it and not regret your decision later. Getting inked with a customized design gives it more symbolic value, and there’s nothing more suitable than a ‘name’ of a loved one. Generally, crown tattoos work well with names, whether it’s your significant other’s name, family, or a loved one who recently passed. 

17. Crown With Quote Tattoo

Despite being widely perceived as feminine, quote tattoos are now quickly gaining traction with men due to their ability to represent one’s philosophy in life or beliefs. However, keep in mind that when looking at quote tattoo ideas, make sure to consider several factors, such as the meaning, size, placement, and font, to ensure it fits your body and overall aesthetic. Plus, careful consideration plays a crucial role in emphasizing your message better, and that it’s best to stick to a shorter quote since a longer one requires more space. 

Ideally, one sentence or phrase is the best choice, and most men choose powerful quotes from songs, poems, or movies—and the crown alongside it continually reminds them of the message’s importance in their life. 

18. Rolex Crown Tattoo

The watch company Rolex is one of the most popular manufacturers of designer watches in the industry, and for good reasons. It’s a brand that’s celebrated for its outstanding quality and luxury build—and the same idea can be translated into body art, making a Rolex crown tattoo an excellent choice for men looking to assert their dominance. Rolex’s crown logo is a favorite choice among men to get inked because it’s often associated with success, prestige, and luxury. 

If you’re looking to remind yourself of the goals, you’re looking to accomplish in life or thrive for material greatness, getting a Rolex crown tattoo is a perfect choice. That said, it’s best to get this tattoo design somewhere that’s visible, like the back of your hand or wrist. 

19. Skull and Crown Tattoo

Although skulls and crowns don’t sound like an ideal combination that you’d usually think to put together, it usually makes an aesthetically pleasing and meaningful tattoo. It’s an image that most men often favor as it’s widely believed to represent good luck. You can have other elements added to the original design to make its message more personal to you, making it stand out more. With that in mind, the meaning of this tattoo design is usually open to interpretation as it usually represents strength and leadership. Additionally, the human skull is linked to power and death. 

20. Gangster King Crown Tattoo

If you’re looking to emphasize your rebellious side while remaining noble, getting a ‘gangster’ king crown tattoo is ideal. However, keep in mind that particular designs may be associated with prison or actual gang factions, so do research before getting tattooed. 

21. Crown Neck Tattoo

The approach toward tattoos is ever-changing, and body art is gradually becoming more acceptable in overall society. However, some tattoo placements are still perceived as unusual by some people, and the neck is one of those that still raise eyebrows to this day. It’s a spot often reserved for rebellious individuals, but it doesn’t need to be. Regardless, the location can make a statement, and if you want to stand out and assert your dominance, this would be the perfect place for your crown tattoo. 

22. Cross With a Crown Tattoo

Religious men looking to show off their masculinity and unique taste in body art should consider getting a cross with a crown tattoo. It symbolizes Christian beliefs and is often associated with Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Moreover, it’s a piece that displays the faithful’s reward in heaven.

23. Crown and Jewels Tattoo

The crown jewels tattoo refers to the set of jewels that is included with the monarch’s crown. The euphemistic term is almost never inked on a person. Crown and jewels tattoos are paired together implying wealth and power.

24. Crown Wrist Tattoo

If you’re looking to get a crown tattoo that stands out, there’s no better placement than the wrist as it’s an area that’s highly visible, allowing you to see your chosen design or show it off whenever necessary. Although the wrists are perceived as the best places for small tattoos, they can also hold bold and detailed pieces if you wish for them. 

25. Rose with Crown Tattoo

If you’re looking for a vibrant and bold tattoo filled with meaning, then a rose with the crown tattoo should be the perfect choice for you. Roses are some of the most common blooms that people get tattooed on their bodies, and for good reasons. They’re visually striking and boast immense symbolic value, representing a balance between pleasure and pain. The combination with a tattoo translates to overall victory and power. 

26. Crown Chest Tattoo

For men that value leadership and authority, getting a crown chest tattoo is a great choice. It emphasizes that you hold the message close to your heart, and you live by it. However, keep in mind that chest tattoos are some of the most painful ones you can get as the skin around this area is relatively thin. 

27. Crown With A Feather Tattoo

Although it may not seem like it, a simple feather is rich in symbolism, boasting different meanings. Most people wish that they could fly and travel to places beyond their reach, so feathers are often perceived as powerful symbols. Combining a feather with a crown portrays power and glory.

28. Crown Finger Tattoo

If you’re looking to get a simple yet meaningful tattoo, there’s no better choice than a crown finger tattoo. These are trendy options and are a much-loved choice among men, and though it’ll need a touch-up in a few years since it fades faster, it’s worth it. 

29. Heart with A Crown Tattoo

A heart with a crown ink design may sound feminine, but it’s a common choice among men as it possesses strong symbolism while being visually striking. The headpiece worn by royalty is often associated with triumph, nobility, and power, but when you place a crown over a heart, its meaning drastically changes. Though the ultimate message behind the tattoo will depend on each one’s interpretation of it, its general ‘meaning’ is that you’re taken, asserting your dominance over the relationship. 

30. 3D Crown Tattoo

As tattoos become more popular, more techniques have surfaced, and 3D tattoos are a favorite among men as they’re captivating and can bring any tattoo design to life. If you’re looking to stand out more, then a 3D crown tattoo should be the perfect choice for you, showing off your message all while giving off great aesthetic pleasure. 


What does a crown tattoo symbolize?

The crown tattoo originally symbolized royalty or loyalty to a monarch. Nowadays, the crown tattoo for men, symbolizes the leader or the Alpha male. It connotes power, victory, or even kindness. A crown tattoo is usually paired with another symbol that also makes the image more powerful.

Where is the best place to ink a crown tattoo?

The best places for crown tattoos are the arms and chest. The shoulder blades and black are also popular choices for large crown tattoos.

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