These Curvy Ladies Prove You Don’t Have To Be Slim To Be Awesome At Yoga

So many yoga enthusiasts avoid this holistic practice because of the proliferation in the media of a “standard” yoga body structure: long, lean, and with less than 10% body fat.

But as we all know, not everyone has the DNA of a gazelle. And as for these women, they are living proof that curves and handstands are NOT mutually exclusive.

1. That forearm stand looks beast.

2. Crow pose ain’t got nuthin’ on this chick.

3. This scorpion looks just about ready to attack.

4. Mermaid pose: nailed it!

5. What a perfect one leg wheel pose.

6. This girl strikes a fierce Revolved Side Angle With Prayer Hands pose.

7. Outdoor yoga on a grassy knoll in the sunshine? Don’t mind if I do.

8. An effortless triangle pose by this lovely lady.

9. Dayumm that’s one awesome view. Oh, and the sea is nice as well.

10. That wheel pose looks so fetch.

11. All smiles during a mermaid pose.

12. Stretch those wonderful curves, girl.

13. Where is this class and how do we sign up?

14. One legged downward-facing dog – like a boss.

15. Tandem yoga: more curves, more fun!

16. Now that’s impressive. (h/t: rebelcircus)