Watch As This Heroic Dad Jumps Over A Fence To Pull His Son From A Burning Race Car

Autoracer Mike Jones lost control of his vehicle while competing at the South Boston Speedway in Virginia. Jones’ car crashed into another before spinning out of control and slamming into the wall of the track.


Jones was trapped in his car for around 25 seconds as his car burst into flames.

His father, Dean Jones, heroically jumped over a fence and ran to his son’s vehicle to save him. The crowd cheered as Dean and Mike walked away from the accident, both unharmed.

As soon as Dean got his son far enough from the track, he went back to the car to help the safety team put out the fire.

Motor1 explained that one of the most dangerous things that can happen on a race track is a car catching fire. Fires can prevent the rescue team from getting close, especially if the driver is still inside. Any fires that happen on the track also spread very quickly, meaning rescuers only have mere seconds to act if a car goes up in flames.

Jones was alert enough to remove any restraints immediately after the crash. Fuel from his car leaked onto the track which caused the fire to grow even quicker. If he had removed his seatbelt just a few seconds later, he would have been in much more danger.

Mike was thankfully unharmed, but it is reported that his father might face punishment from NASCAR for going on the track.