15 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Fashion Girl

If you’re dating a girl who claims to have more shoes than sense, then we’ve got the perfect guide for you. Here are 15 survival tips on how to date a fashionista:

#1. Know that fashion week means as much to her as the play-offs do to you.

Don’t mock her for her interests, and she won’t mock you for yours.

#2. Know that she can sniff out fakes from a mile away.

And that isn’t jut limited to handbags or jewellery. If you’re anything less than what you claim to be, in her mind, she’s already dumped you 5 times.

#3. Remember that she’s dressing for herself, not you.

If women dressed for men… actually, no, don’t imagine that. The point is, she’s dressed fabulously, with or without a man.

#4. Never ever say: it’s just a bag.

“Bag” can be interchanged with a number of articles of clothing. If you don’t follow this tip, best believe she’ll retaliate with something that you love, and you’ll regret ever saying those words to her.

#5. She’s a lot stronger than you think.

Remember that this is a woman who voluntarily wears heels for extended periods of time. Seriously, don’t mess with her.

#6. Don’t ever expect “5 minutes” to be exactly 5 minutes.

Great art takes time, so stop complaining because that means you get to watch one more episode.

#7. If she asks for your opinion on fashion, don’t let her down with a dumb response.

If you have no opinion at all, tell her straight up. Don’t just say “whatever is fine” or “it all looks good on you” because it’s completely useless, she knows it all looks good on her.

#8. Don’t you dare tell her how Instagram is a waste of time.

Yes, your food is getting cold because it’s taking her 5 extra minutes to crop, filter, and frame her photos but how amazing does her feed look, though?

#9. Sweep her off her feet. Literally.

This doesn’t have to become a routine, but maybe carry her a few times up the stairs when she’s had a long day of wearing stilettos. Plus, it’s super romantic. You’re welcome.

#10. If she tries to dress you, let her.

Don’t shut her down completely, see how it goes.

#11. Don’t call her a shopaholic.

She’s already heard it so many times. Just know that if she’s smart enough to dress herself so well, then she’s smart enough to pay bills, too.

#12. Don’t criticise her style.

Because we can guarantee dear friend, that there’s no way you’re going to win this argument.

#13. Plan your dates thoroughly, and days ahead.

Or weeks. Seriously. Just be happy you don’t know the amount of stress that goes into picking out what to wear, because it’s hell.

#14. If she raids your wardrobe, know that it’s getting serious.

It’s a step-up from her trying to dress you. Fashion girls know good value and good taste. If they’re dating you, then clearly you’re doing something right.

#15. Don’t put her on a pedestal.

Just because her outfit is well-coordinated, and her hair is perfect, don’t expect her to always have everything together. She’s still human, and capable of vulnerability. Love her for the hot mess she is.

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