This Deaf, One-Eyed Pit Bull Spent Half Her Life In A Shelter. Now, She’s Found A Forever Home.

This gorgeous little lady is Scarlett, a one-eyed, deaf pit bull who had spent three years in a shelter waiting for her forever home.

Scarlett’s original owners gave her up because they couldn’t afford her medical treatment. She had eye problems and numerous ear infections, leading to her deafness.

Now Scarlett is healthy, but she’s not the most active pup and, according to the shelter staff (who adore her), this makes it even harder to her to get adopted.

“People look at her and she’s the one-eyed dog who is not jumping up to greet them, though many of the other dogs are,” explains shelter manager Kirstyn Northrop-Cobb.

“She is the most cuddly dog ever!” she added, “She will just melt into you and give you kisses. When you enter her living space, she smiles at you and it’s super cute!”

And now, after 1,095 days in the shelter, Scarlett has finally found her forever home.

After a website shared Scarlett’s story, people from across the US were desperate to adopt the gorgeous little pooch.

We think she’s pleased — just look at that smile!

And (if you can handle the cuteness) you can see the moment Scarlett met her new family in the video below.