20 Greatest Disney Mom Characters Of All Time

There’s no doubt that Disney movies are a staple in almost every child’s life. And while there are plenty of dads who take center stage, the moms often hold their own when it comes to being awesome characters. Here are 20 of the best Disney mom characters of all time.

1. Queen Elinor from Brave

As the Queen, Elinor is expected to set a good example for her people. As Merida’s mother she struggles with balancing expectations and supporting her daughter on an emotional journey that challenges everything she believes about being a ruler of a kingdom. Queen Elinor experiences conflict between what it means to be queen and what it means to be a mother.

2. Eudora from Princess and the Frog

Eudora has an old-fashioned streak, but she also has a wise heart. She understands the value of hard work and sacrifice in order to achieve one’s dreams. As Tiana pursues her goal of opening a restaurant, Eudora repeatedly offers support, even when it means making personal sacrifices. She also helps to keep Tiana grounded, reminding her of the importance of family and friends.

3. Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast

Belle’s heart also warms the enchanted staff of the Beast’s castle, turning them into living vessels for tea pots, candlestick holders, and other household items before breaking the curse entirely. The magic transforms these objects into people who take the shape of the objects they once were. Mrs. Potts is comforting, serene, and loving in all her incarnations. She could easily be relegated to the background as a way for Belle’s plight to become an opportunity for Beast to learn how to love again, but there is no question that Mrs. Potts is treated as an equal in the story.

4.  Jill Anderson from Inside Out

As the personification of Riley’s conscience, Mrs. Anderson is a loving parental figure whose concern for her daughter is clear. She encourages Riley to explore new experiences but helps guide her along the way. There are many aspects of being a parent that are often unseen – the daily routine of taking care of your children at home, balancing work and family time – and this depiction of a parent captures those unseen moments. Even though we only see Mrs. Anderson’s face occasionally throughout the film, she is a memorable presence in Riley’s life

5. Nani from Lilo and Stitch

Nani is an amazing parent considering the circumstances. She’s raising her little sister Lilo by herself, working multiple jobs to make ends meet, and still finds time to be there for her sister. She loves Lilo fiercely and does everything she can to make sure her sister has a good life. Nani also has a great sense of humor and a positive outlook, which helps her get through tough times.

6. Mrs. Jumbo from Dumbo

Dumbo’s mother is probably one of the most tragic Disney mothers. When she’s first introduced we see her being mistreated by the other circus animals and her son Dumbo is taken from her. Later, when Dumbo is finally reunited with his mother, she’s locked up in a cage and made to look like a mad elephant. Mrs. Jumbo is an excellent mother, even in the face of such adversity.

7. Bambi’s mom from Bambi

We only get to spend a little time with Bambi’s mother, but it’s enough to know that she is loving and protective. When she finds her son wandering into the forest alone after an attack by Man, she quickly puts herself between him and the danger. She knows how much he needs to be nurtured before he’s ready to face the world on his own.

8. Helen Parr/Elastigirl from The Incredibles

Helen is an excellent mom and a superhero. She balances her career as a superhero with taking care of her family and always puts her family first. Even when she’s out fighting crime, she’s always keeping an eye on them and making sure they’re safe.

9. Perdita from 101 Dalmatians

Perdita is an excellent mother and a loyal wife to Pongo. She’s the one who comes up with the idea to rescue their puppies from Cruella de Vil and does everything she can to make sure they’re safe. She also has a great sense of humor and is always there for her family.

10. Sarabi from The Lion King

Sarabi is one of the most beautiful Disney mothers. She’s an amazing queen who loves and protects her son Simba. She’s also not afraid to put Scar in his place when he tries to usurp the throne, and when he did become king, she stayed with her lions instead of running away. Sarabi is strong, fearless, and loving.

11. Duchess from Aristocrats

Despite being a dog, Duchess is arguably the most graceful Disney mother. She’s a socialite who loves her pups and does everything she can to make sure they have the best lives possible. After losing her husband in World War I, Duchess works hard to ensure that their children will be well looked after if something should happen to her.

12. Kala from Tarzan

Kala is an excellent mother and a loyal member of the gorilla family. She’s the one who rescues Tarzan from being killed by Sabor and raises him as her own. Kala is always there for her son, no matter what, and teaches him the importance of family and loyalty.

13. Mrs. Davis from Toy Story

Mrs. Davis is a great mom and always puts her son Andy’s well-being first. It is implied from the movie that she’s a single mother, which makes all the effort she puts into giving Andy joy from the birthday parties to the regular outings (pizza planet, yay!) all the more amazing.

14. Mary Darling from Peter Pan

Mrs. Darling is a great Disney mom because she takes care of Wendy and her brothers with the utmost care and sensitivity. She’s clearly a very loving mother and always puts her children’s needs first.

15. Sina from Moana

Sina is a great mother who teaches Moana how to be a strong, independent young woman. She encourages her daughter to love the islan but doesn’t hold her back, understanding that Moana wants to explore the ocean and find out who she truly is. Moana’s strength come from her mother’s love.

16. Kanga from Winnie the Pooh

Kanga is an excellent mother who loves her son Roo to death. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and selfless. After moving into Hundred Acre Wood she takes care of all the inhabitants, especially Roo. Kanga isn’t afraid to stand up for herself though. When Owl tries to convince her and Roo to give up their honey, she firmly denies him.

17. Lucille Krunklehorn from Meet the Robinsons

Lucille is the adopted mother of Lewis and shows him nothing but love. She’s funny, caring, and always looks out for her son. After Lewis is left alone in the future, Lucille does everything she can to find him and bring him back home.

18. Momma Ida from The Good Dinosaur

Momma Ida is a great mother and a brave member of the raptor pack. She’s always caring for her family, especially when it comes to the injured ones. Ida does everything she can to rescue Arlo from being attacked by the gang of pterodactyls and is even willing to sacrifice herself for her son.

19. Queen Arianna from Tangled

Queen Arianna is an excellent mother who loves her daughter Rapunzel to death. When Rapunzel is kidnapped by Mother Gothel, Queen Arianna does everything she can to find her and bring her back home. She’s also a great leader and does what’s best for her people.

20. Fa Li from Mulan

Fa Li doesn’t appear much in the movie, but it is very clear that despite being traditional and strict, she very much loves her daughter and is concerned for her well being. When Mulan runs off to war in her father’s place, she welcomes her back with open arms after she returns home safely.