28 Best Home Decor Ideas Of 2022

There’s something special about looking at pictures of dream homes. It inspires us and makes us start dreaming big.

The ideas below are fantastic, and some of these can be added to any home.

Take a look…

1. Ping pong table door

2. Cat travel system

3. Creepy forest lamp

4. Indoor hammock

5. Staircase with a slide

6. Book case staircase

Pretty cool, although we don’t like the idea of stepping on our books!

7. Storage staircase

8. Kitchen herb garden

9. Kitchen floor wine cellar

10. Garden fire pit

11. Indoor treehouse

12. Stained glass door

13. Indoor skate park

14. Walk in pool

15. Convertible dining/pool table

16. Indoor/outdoor pool

17. Fireplace encased in glass

18. Aquarium bed

19. Beach desk

20. Outdoor catwalk

21. Indoor chrome slide

22. Mobile office

23. Balcony pool

24. Swing dinner table

25. Portable ping pong table

So much easier than buying a real one!

26. See through bathroom floor

We think there is some illusion effects in play here.

27. See-through bath-tub

28. Pirate ship bedroom