Dog Breaks Up Street Fight By Humping The Guys’ Legs

When you encounter a public brawl between two angry (and probably intoxicated) men, the smart thing to do is to keep your distance and let them play it out.

But during one fight in particular that ensued in the middle of a busy street in Ireland, one bystander—a dog—apparently didn’t know any better.

Instead of getting out of the way, the onlooker interrupts the two men wrestling on the ground by mounting one of their legs… before proceeding to hump it.

The first man kicks his legs around, so the dog moves to the other guy.

In the video, the dog’s actions didn’t deter them from duking it out. But it proved to be a hit for the people watching the ridiculous scene unfold. The unexpected interrupter turned a nasty situation into comedy gold.

Watch the full spectacle below:

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