These Pups Are What Happen When You Cross Pugs With Other Dog Breeds

Apparently, you can cross a pug with just about any other fluffy puppy and create a whole new level of cuteness (and they have great names, too!).

Pomeranian + Pug = Pompug.

Chihuahua + Pug = Chug.

Perching. . . . #dogs #dogsofinstagram #chug #chugsofinstagram #pugmix #chihuahuamix #doxiemix

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Husky + Pug = Pugsky.

Good morning β˜€οΈEver see a husky and a pug? #pugsky 🐢 #rare

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Dachsund + Pug = Daug.

Pug + Shih Tzu = Pugtzu.

Boxer + Pug = Poxer.

Beagle + Pug = Puggle.

French Bulldog + Pug = Bullpug.

Jack Russell terrier + Pug = Jug (we’re not making this up).

Shiba Inu + Pug = Shug.

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Schnauzer + Pug = Schnug.

Wearing my summer jammies! #schnug

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Pekingese + Pug = Puginese.

Best looking Dog award goes to…

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Pug = Pugalier.

Corgi + Pug = Porgi.

Bassett Hound + Pug = Bassugg.

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Brussels Griffon + Pug = Brug.

Yorkshire Terrier + Pug = Pugshire.

Lovely hyper Daphne #pug #pugshire #yorkshireterrier #love

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And now for the hard part: deciding where to keep them all.

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