Dog Accidentally Shoots Owner In Leg

A dog accidentally shot his owner when they were horsing around on the couch.

Richard Remme, 51, was playing with his dog Balew when the dog suddenly bounded up and put his foot on his owner’s gun.

The Pit bull-Labrador mixed pup accidentally disabled the safety on Richard’s gun while it was in his stomach band and stepped on the trigger, firing a shot to his owner’s leg.

“I was lying on the couch, and we were horsing around, me and the dog. And I was tossing him off my lap, and he was jumping back on my lap,” Richard said.

“Apparently he bumped the safety one time, and when he bounded back over, one of his toes went right down into the trigger guard. My dog shot me!”

“I’m looking around to see where it went to, and I realised it went in my leg. That’s when I called 911.”

Police Chief Roger Porter said that Richard’s story checked out and that it was an accidental discharge.

“He has a license to carry, and a license for the gun,” Porter said.

He also mentioned that it was a freak accident. “I’ve never heard of that,” he said. “I’ve heard of guns dropping and going off on the floor, and horsing around and guns going off. I can’t say I’ve heard a dog story before.”

Balew the pup was upset after he pulled the trigger, Richard said.

“The dog’s a big wuss,” he said. “The poor dog laid down beside me and cried, because he thought he was in trouble for doing something wrong. He’s a pit lab mix. He’s afraid of the dark, he’s afraid of water.”

Richard was released from the hospital that same afternoon and was asked to follow up with a surgeon to look at removing the bullet.

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