21 Cats Sitting And Sleeping EXACTLY Where They Shouldn’t Be

#1. You’d think this would be an insanely uncomfortable, not to mention dangerous place to take a nap. You’d think wrong.

#2. An entire bed, but he chooses to sit on the clean pants. Obviously.

#3. Classic attention-seeking behavior probably linked to something that happened during his childhood.

#4. Another cat who could do with some professional help.

#5. There is an up-side to it though: buh-bye studies!

#6. If only they actually went in the bath…

#7. It’s ok if your hands burn trying to take the lasagne out of the oven, as long as fluffy is comfortable.

#8. “Must do yoga. Must not be distracted by furba– awww let’s lie down and cuddle.”

#9. “Time for a tea break.”

#10. Behold, the “I couldn’t give a f***” face.

#11. “Your homework is to look after me, hooman.”

#12. “Why you wanna play boring computer games when you have meeeee?”

#13. “Guess who’s in charge? Not you.”

#14. We’re not falling for that face.

#15. It’s no use getting angry with them.

#16. They are immune to our frivolous human pursuits.

#17. They have their priorities straight in life.

#18. Namely, sleep. It trumps everything, particularly science fair projects. Yaawwwn.

#19. Do you need any more proof of their devious ways?

#20. It’s part of the great cat-take over. Cats everywhere are laying down in silent protest, hell-bent on stopping humanity’s march towards progress.