28 Terrible Rip-Off Products That’ll Make You Say WTF

This is what happens when you try to cut costing, we can only assume. Prepare to “WTF” more than you ever have before.

1. Clearly this is a dollar store find or a mediocre animation project that got rejected.

That cheese better be gourmet at least.

2. We can only assume this place sells knock-off handbags and bananas.

Or knock-off bananas?

3. To be fair, Massachusetts isn’t that easy to spell.

Wait, when did America lose 39 states?

4. Obviously because Sharpies are too mainstream.

5. To be clear, do we form the figure ‘4’ or make a form of 4?

Fun for everyone! We hope!

6. Don’t know who’s left but we know who isn’t right.

7. Gasp! Why is it in half?!

8. Well it DOES look funny…

9. “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me! Btw, I’m Robert.”

Admit it, RoboCop just isn’t as intimidating with a common name.

10. Just… what?

Wow. So scary. *insert sarcasm here*

11. The coloring doesn’t seem to be the problem…

12. More like BAE Simpson.

13. Seems totally legit.

14. *Squints eyes* yeah… sure…

15. So jumbo Oreos don’t exist, but jumbo Borios do???


16. Sandwich cookie or sexual innuendo? Hmmm…

17. In case you didn’t know, here’s that one ninja turtle that didn’t make the cut.

18. Self-confidence not included.

Psst, guess what? Those muscles are fake.

19. Spongebob… cupcake pants? Eh?

20. Stephen Hillenburg’s not gonna like this…

Sandwich boy actually doesn’t sound THAT bad.

21. Did Hamburger Helper get promoted?


23. …Could it?

Y u not sure?

24. Why is it so proud to not be butter?

But butter is great 🙁

25. If it’s not butter then WHAT IS IT THEN?!??

26. Is this their subtle way of saying these are butter’s ashes?

RIP Butter.

27. Seriously…

28. ???

When you can’t commit to real butter, apparently.

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