25 Best Dragon Tattoos of 2021

Dragon tattoos are a strong, powerful symbol of strength for women. They represent the power to overcome challenges and adversity with courage and honor.

Women who are seeking empowerment often find themselves drawn to the symbolic meaning of dragons. Dragons represent power and strength so it makes sense that such individuals would gravitate towards this type of design as a form of self-expression.

This post features dragon tattoo designs that include some fierce Asian-inspired dragons as well as traditional Western-style dragons.

1. Dragon Tiger Tattoo

The dragon tiger tattoo is a popular design for the Chinese zodiac. It can represent a balance of yin and yang, or as an ancient symbol of power. The symbols themselves are found in Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian teachings. The dragon represents masculinity, whereas the tiger is feminine. It’s believed that when their combined energies are balanced by love, life can be harmonious and peaceful. As a complex design, the dragon tiger tattoo is best placed on a large area like the sleeve, back, the side or rib. It can also be placed on the thigh and hip.

2. Moon and Dragon Tattoo

This gorgeous moon and dragon tattoo are sexy, feminine, and powerful. The dragon’s fiery tail wraps around the crescent moon to create a dynamic balance between fire and water. It symbolizes strength, wisdom, and passion. This kind of tattoo looks great everywhere, but is best placed on the upper back or on the shoulders.

3. Dragon and Phoenix Tattoo

The dragon and phoenix are popular pairings in Asian folklore. The dragon represents masculine energy, whereas the phoenix represents feminine energy. In Chinese culture, they represent opposite but complementary forces that create balance in nature and within life. This symbol also expresses deep friendship or love between two people. If you’re looking for an empowering tattoo, consider this design as it embodies strength and elegance. The dragon and phoenix tattoo looks great drawn vertically along the thigh, or horizontally from the shoulder going to the upper back.

4. Dragon and Snake Tattoo

The intertwined dragon and snake are powerful, ancient symbols of protection. The Chinese dragon is a symbol of power, healing, strength, longevity, good luck, and transformation. Snakes represent wisdom and wealth in many Asian cultures. The combination of the two creates harmony with one’s environment which brings good fortune. A dragon and snake tattoo can be displayed prominently on the chest, back, or arm.

5. Dragon Koi Tattoo

The dragon koi represents nobility. Koi fish are strongly connected to Japanese tradition and culture as the carp symbolizes perseverance and determination. Dragon koi tattoos represent the harmony between heaven and earth or good luck for business ventures. It is best placed on the arms, hands, or chest.

6. Colorful Dragon Tattoo

The colorful dragon tattoo often depicts the mythical creature soaring through watercolor clouds. This design is simple yet elegant and can be applied to any body part that suits your personal style. Colorful dragons are ideal ink designs for both men and women as they appear delicate and feminine while exuding power and energy.

7. Floral Dragon Tattoo

The floral dragon tattoo is an elegant and feminine design that’s ideal for the foot, ankle, or calf. The floral dragon is a combination of both Western and Asian art styles. You’ll notice it has a traditional Chinese dragon tail with a floral-inspired head. This mix of styles feminizes this tattoo design while still retaining its ancient significance.

8. Chinese Dragon Tattoo

The Chinese dragon tattoo symbolizes power, strength, and long life. It’s believed that dragons not only control water but also the weather. It is also said that if you live your life with honor and integrity the dragon will guide you safely through life’s challenges. The best placements for a Chinese dragon tattoo are the arms, back of the neck, and legs.

9. Classic Dragon Tattoo

Dragon tattoos are among the most popular types of tattoos because they come in so many different shapes and sizes. They also come with a range of detailed designs from classic to more modern interpretations that feature fire-breathing dragons with wings or scales that look like armor. They look best on the shoulder, arm and across the upper chest.

10. Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Tribal dragon tattoos are a common and popular tattoo design for both men and women. They symbolize different meanings across cultures, but the most common symbolism is power, strength, protection, good luck, and intelligence. For those who want to wear their beliefs on their skin or feel like they’re carrying some sort of talisman with them at all times, tribal dragon tattoos might be the perfect choice.

11. Japanese Dragon Tattoo

The Japanese dragon tattoo design is just as popular as Chinese dragons, perhaps because the two cultures share a similar history. There are several types of dragons in Japanese culture, but the most common is Ryū which symbolizes strength and power. Japanese dragon tattoos are best placed on the upper back or arms.

12. Celtic Dragon Tattoo

There are many legends about dragons in Celtic mythology. They are considered as gatekeepers of other realms, and they provide power and energy to the lands. Dragons also have divine qualities and wisdom. Thus they are honored by Celts through their coat of arms and flag. In most Celtic art, you will also see dragons depicted by eating its tail, which symbolizes the natural cycle and immortality. 

13. Blue Dragon Tattoo

The blue dragon tattoo is a modern take on the traditional Chinese and Japanese dragons. It features an azure-colored dragon with swirling patterns that represent movement as if in flight or swimming through water. Blue dragons represent power, strength, and wisdom. This is one of the more popular dragon tattoos because it’s simple but memorable and can be placed on any large prominent area like the shoulder, arm sleeve, and thigh.

14. Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo

The yin and yang dragon tattoo is an ancient Chinese symbol that has been used for thousands of years to represent the balance between opposing forces, hope after despair, victory in battle, the sun and the moon, masculinity and femininity, good luck and bad luck. The important thing about this design is that it represents a duality that fits well with almost any other tattoo design or theme. Yin Yang dragon tattoos can be drawn to scale to fit any part of the body.

15. Feminine Dragon Tattoo

The feminine dragon tattoo design features a curvy body and a long tail. The design is meant to reference both Asian and Western art styles, so it has a lot going on with its headdress, the pairing of different colored tassels along the body, and the way it curls up in flight. To depict the feminine dragon tattoo in all its glory, the recommended placement would be the side, thigh, or the back.

16. Skull Dragon Tattoo

The skull dragon tattoo features a scaly dragon with skulls for eyes. This is certainly one of the more masculine dragon tattoo designs, although both men and women get this inked with great outcomes. The skull dragon tattoo is typically placed on the arm, forearm or as a sleeve.

17. Flaming Dragon Tattoo

Flaming dragon tattoos feature a traditional Chinese dragon that’s been given a fiery touch. These designs are most often placed on the upper back or an arm. You can also add the flaming element to any other design for extra detail.

18. Back Dragon Tattoo

Back dragon tattoos show the dragon covering the entire back of the wearer. Chinese dragon tattoos are often shown in this manner. Back tattoos are bold and revealing, and considered both masculine and feminine.

19. Small Dragon Tattoo

Small dragon tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body. They tend to be of a simpler design and can look quite cute, depending on the design you go for.

20. Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Bearded dragons are popular as pets throughout the United States, and they are sometimes used in tattoos as a way to show affection for these reptiles. Bearded dragon tattoos can be placed just about anywhere on the body, but you’ll often find them on the hand, upper arms, and neck.

21. Dragon Eye Tattoo

A dragon eye tattoo is done using single needle techniques and is characterized by dramatic shading, dynamic outlines and extensive detail. The tattoo is focused around the dragon’s pupil, which stands for focus and attention in addition to representing protection. It can be interpreted as an act of defense against evil forces. The result is a striking image that captures attention immediately when you look at it.

22. Dragon Ball Tattoo

Dragon ball tattoos are inspired by dragon balls from the popular Dragon Ball Z anime. The dragon balls are a set of seven magical orbs that contain dragon spirits within them. Dragon ball tattoos usually feature the dragon’s face or just a yellow ball with one to seven stars. These tattoos are smaller than the typical dragon tattoo and can be placed on the wrist and forearm.

23. Dragon Scale Tattoo

A dragon scale tattoo is a tattoo that uses the image of a dragon’s scales. The image is usually black and grey or colored, and features curling lines to give each scale definition. The most popular style of dragon scale tattoo is a fragmented set of scales drawn as if peeking out of the woman’s body. The design symbolizes the wearer’s ability to overcome obstacles, by shrugging them off like scales falling away from a dragon.

24. Sleeve Dragon Tattoo

A dragon sleeve tattoo covers the arm from shoulder to wrist, and represents strength, courage, power, and protection. The most notable feature of the dragon sleeve tattoo is the tail which can be found at the wrist or elbow. The tail often has a lightning bolt or a sword. The colors are usually shades of green and yellow with shades of grey, black, and brown. The shading is very important as it makes the dragon come to life and gives dimension to the scales on its body.

25. Rib Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Rib tattoos represent strength, stamina, and power while reminding wearers that their lives are precious and fragile. This helps them focus on living the best life they can, rather than wasting energy worrying about things out of their control. The dragon is often depicted with fire coming out of its mouth, representing passion, power, heat, and energy.


How Long Does a Dragon Tattoo Take to Finish?

Depending on the size, a complex dragon tattoo can take at least four hours, to several sessions stretching over several weeks. An intricate Japanese-style dragon tattoo on the back requires detailed planning before tattooing starts.

What Does a Dragon Tattoo Mean?

A dragon tattoo symbolizes beauty, power, and strength. The image is often associated with Asian mythology where dragons are seen as divine creatures who control the elements (water, wind, fire) making its wearer strong and confident. Dragon tattoos also symbolize luck, wisdom and family values.

What Does a Dragon Tattoo Mean for Women?

The dragon tattoo for women echoes the concept of the “dragon lady,” a tough woman who makes decisions at par with the men. This is an apt description of the modern independent woman. The dragon tattoo for a woman embodies courage, wisdom, independence and femininity.

Is A Dragon Tattoo Bad Luck?

The dragon tattoo is a symbol of power in the West, but it is a lucky charm in Eastern cultures. Women wear a dragon tattoo with pride and honor, as they strive to live up to the symbol the dragon represents.