Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Review

Every great artist has their tools and canvas, and tattooing is no different. Tattoo professionals must have a keen eye, anatomical knowledge, and a top-notch tattoo kit.

Tattoo artists have complete control over every stroke, color, and design with the Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit. Beloved for its reliability and versatility, the Dragonhawk kit is one of the most highly-regarded tattoo kits on the market.

Professionals and newbies love this kit for its everlasting powerful ink, double machines, and practice accessories. This kit is a must-have for any artist looking to brush up on their skills and build a professional tattooing toolkit. 

Read on for a Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit review so you can choose the best kit for your tattooing journey.


Specially formulated for beginner tattoo artists, the Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit allows novices to practice and perfect their unique design style. There are two coils in the set – one for lining and one for shading. The two coils give novices a chance to focus on specific aspects they wish to improve on, and each spiral is long-lasting for big projects. 

This kit was designed by seasoned tattoo experts – according to what they believe a beginner needs for successful tattooing. For added convenience, the kit also comes with a link to an informational video on how to set up your new tattoo guns and gear. 

If you have never picked up a tattoo gun before, there is no need to panic! The kit outlines everything you need to know before starting your first project.

Kit Features

  • Practice Skins/stencil paper
  • Two tattoo machines
  • EO sterilized tattoo needles and tips
  • Ten inks
  • Instructional CD
  • One pair of gloves
  • Two grip handles
  • Ten rubber bands
  • Ten rubber O-rings
  • Ten rubber grommets
  • Ten ink cups
  • Power supply and clip cord


The Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit comes with stencil paper and practice skins for practicing. Many artists cite practicing as one of the crucial aspects of starting your tattoo artistry journey, as you can perfect your craft and create a style that is all your own. 

The skins in this kit are a bendy and soft material that mimics that of human skin – trust us, though, it is not so lifelike that it feels creepy to practice on it! 

Stencils make it easy to work on tattoo transfers and get creative with your designs. It is better to mess up on a stencil or fake skin than on an actual client, so practice as much as you need.

Sturdy Guns

The included tattoo guns are sturdy cast iron that will not rust or stain. Ideal for long sessions, the tattoo guns are comfortable in your hand but weighty enough to keep your arm steady. 

As you can imagine, stability is essential for tattooing. Any shaking or instability leads to a not-so-great tattoo and an unhappy customer. Using a weighted gun like the ones in the Dragonhawk kit is the best way to keep yourself grounded during a lengthy appointment.

The shading gun will most likely be your most-used tattoo tool. Perfect for shading large areas or adding dimension to tattoos, it lets beginners practice substantial designs and hone their perspective and shadowing skills.

For detailed shading and coloring, you will need the fine-lining gun. This gun creates the most intricate designs possible without being too complex or challenging for beginners.

The fine-lining gun has features such as: 

  • Buttonhead screws
  • Tattoo machine contact screw
  • Ultra-fine copper coils
  • Rear binding post tapped thread

The tattoo guns consist of delicate copper coils, a tattoo machine contact screw, button head screws, and rear binding post tapped thread. The high-quality iron keeps the machine sturdy and chilled.

As this is a starter kit, the guns may not be as intense as those used by experienced artists, and that is okay! As a beginner, the most important thing is creating your unique style and approach – to set you apart from the rest. Once you become skilled and have a large clientele, you can invest in substantially-sized guns.

Needles & Tips

The Dragonhawk kit comes with plenty of sterilized needles and plastic tips for practicing and using on clients. 

Tattoo needles are not your standard needle. They must be thin enough to shade and draw meticulous lines but not so slim that they become unsteady or difficult for the artist to control. The needles included in the Dragonhawk kit are: 

  • 3RL needles – excellent for uber-detailed lines and dots
  • 5RL for outlines and shading
  • 5MS for filling in heavily shaded areas
  • 7MS for large-scale designs 

These are the needles most often used by professionals. Allowing beginners to utilize the different types enables them to experiment before tattooing their first client.

Tattoo needle tips are another essential part of the intricate tattoo gun makeup. The tips included in this kit are plastic, but most professionals use metal tips. Plastic is easier to dispose of and not as expensive as metal tips, making it best for beginners. Ensure you throw away used tips and needles after every session – even during practice.


As this is a beginner kit, you will not receive every hue on the color wheel. However, you get several mixable colors that are cohesive with each other or other inks you may already have in your collection. 

If this is the first time you are tattooing, these inks will suit you well. The colors are dark and not tricky to see on the practice skins – the black ink is great for practicing your shading and outlines.

Luckily, if you end up not loving the ink included in the Dragonhawk kit, you can always add more to your collection and use the other inks for practice. Either way, these inks will serve you well as you make your name in the tattoo industry.

Miscellaneous Materials

While the gloves, rubber bands, and O-rings may not be specifically for tattooing, they are a must-have for any kit. 

The gloves keep your hands clean and free of bacteria-causing infection. Use the durable rubber bands for securing your ink cartridges and the O-rings to stabilize your needle. 

This kit provides enough O-rings and bands to last you for a while, or at least until you are ready to expand your clientele. Wear your gloves whenever you tattoo – even if you are using fake skin or fruit. It gets you in the habit of a squeaky-clean practice down the road.

Razors are also in the kit for getting rid of excess hair. Shaving helps the needle smoothly glide over the skin without hitting any follicles or pores. 

Foot Pedal

What good is a tattoo kit without a way to, well, draw a tattoo? The Dragonhawk tattoo pedal makes it simple for beginners to learn how to use a foot pedal and control voltage. 

Like the other items included in the kit, this pedal will not last forever or be the highest quality pedal out there. Instead, it teaches tattoo novices how to multi-task with their feet and hands while tattooing. 

This pedal connects to the power box (also in the kit), which reaches a voltage of around 5.2. The voltage level is intentionally not very high to keep newbies from blowing up their pedal or causing injury. 

Grip Handles

An often overlooked part of a tattoo kit, grip handles are crucial for a successful tattoo. The Dragonhawk kit comes with a few grips that keep your hand comfy while you tattoo. These grips are padded for ultimate ease and also help with stability.

Grips also prevent the tattoo gun from spinning out during a session, which could be detrimental while working on a client. The Dragonhawk grips are anodized for an extra layer of protection against bacteria.

Carrying Case

It may sound arbitrary, but having a sturdy carrying case is essential for taking your tattoo kit on the go. The carrier that comes with the Dragonhawk kit is durable and rugged, yet not so heavy you are unable to carry it. 

The metal and plastic of the case ensure longevity and that your tattoo kit will always be safe and sound. 

Should You Choose Dragonhawk for Your Beginner Kit?

First opening its doors in 2001, Dragonhawk emphasizes customer satisfaction, producing safe and high-quality materials, and giving tattoo artists worldwide the chance to express themselves through a needle and ink. 

The beginner kit from Dragonhawk is a particularly wise investment if you have had no formal training or are starting your practice shortly. It is a decent value with everything you need to amaze your clients with your ability and creative spirit.

Pros & Cons

Like anything, there are pros and cons to the Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit. While it works wonderfully for beginners and those looking to get more practice sessions, it may not work for everyone. 

The Dragonhawk kit is easy to use and affordable. As the set is under $100, this kit will not break the bank or be a huge money regret if you end up not loving it. 

Also, if you are a total novice and solely want to try your hand at tattooing, you do not have to worry about purchasing top-of-the-line gear if it turns out you do not enjoy the experience.

With that said, the Dragonhawk kit experience is generally subjective and depends on what you expect out of the outfit. For example, if you go in thinking you are going to have the most technologically advanced gear on the market, you will be disappointed. 

However, if you purchase the kit with the knowledge that it is for beginners and not intended for professional artists, you will probably get much more use out of it. 


  • Worth the money for beginners
  • Great introduction to the art 
  • Has everything you need to start
  • Appropriate for established artists


  • Plastic needle tips are not as sanitary as steel tips
  • A low-voltage power box may frustrate experienced artists (or speedy beginners)
  • One pair of gloves only lasts one session – you will immediately have to purchase more
  • Limited ink selection

Again, this is a starter kit. If you want a full-size kit with everything you may need, you will have to buy additional tools and accessories to fill out your collection. This set is an excellent baseline for launching your career but not intended to be the only kit you have. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about the Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit? Read on for questions from newbie tattoo artists like you. 

Is This a Good Kit to Start My Collection?

Yes! Absolutely. The Dragonhawk kit is made for beginners by seasoned professional tattoo artists, making it a perfect first kit. 

Professionals may use this kit, but they may need more products than what comes with the set. It makes a decent practice kit for well-established artists, though. 

What Ink Colors Come with the Kit, and are They Vibrant?

Ten shades come with the Dragonhawk kit. Some are better than others, but most are relatively vibrant. The inks in the kit are USA-made and immortal ink, which means they will not fade from the skin over time. 

The colors in the kit are: 

  • Sky blue
  • Ice blue
  • Immortal white, brown, and black
  • Lightning yellow
  • Immortal shades of red, orange, gold, and purple

Remember, you can mix these shades to create new hues or darken/lighten the ink. The colors that may be more challenging to use are the light shades, as they can be runny and not as vibrant as the dark ink colors. 

All Immortal Inks are EU certified for use on human skin. They are plant-based inks that do not contain animal by-products. Additionally, Dragonhawk Immortal Inks do not practice animal testing.

Final Thoughts

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. The Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit is excellent for getting those practice hours in before you start tattooing on real people. Designed and tested by professional tattoo artists, this kit will be instrumental in launching your tattoo career.

Even though some professionals use this kit, its intention is for newbie artists. The lightweight guns, thin ink, and foot pedal are all features that help novices learn the ropes.