This 10-Year-Old Girl’s Bucket List Is Full Of Hilariously Random Goals

A little girl’s bucket list has gone viral online and has Twitter in stitches for its bizarre (and super ambitious) goals.

The girl’s brother, Josh, found the list and shared a photo on Twitter, saying: “I found my sister’s bucket list. What the hell is she on?”

The funniest of the youngster’s goals include “eating a hammerhead shark, snake, and bear” and “sit in an empty room for an hour”.


Although she’d also like to “get a sign that says something in a different language and then, on March 12 2019, I will translate it”, and also she dreams of winning a Taco Bell dorito taco-eating competition.

The tweet quickly went viral and plenty of people were inspired by this little girl who dared to dream big (and weird).

And others promised to check up on her achievements.

Some really related to her bigger goals, like sleeping for 24 hours.

And even Taco Bell cheered on their biggest little fan.

Never change, kids.

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