This Drug Lord Had An Incredible Escape Plan. But These Agents Were One Step Ahead.

A drug lord by the name of Joaquin “El Chapo” was on the run after escaping from prison in 2001. As the leader of a notorious and brutal cartel, the authorities were comitted to capturing him. The police and DEA started their investigation at his suspected safe house, but after giving it a quick check and almost leaving, one member of the investigative team decided to take one more look. What he discovered changed everything.

Here’s what the authorities had missed before: a hidden escape route beneath the bathtub.

El Chapo had a large series of secret, underground tunnels.

The tunnels were all connected together and also led to the city’s sewage system.

This sytem of interconnected tunnels which led to the outside allowed El Chapo to quickly make his escape.

At the final tunnel exit, he was then picked up by someone loyal in his organisation.

El Chapo and his gang reportedly left grenades, a Dodge Charger police cruiser and a police uniform behind before making his escape.

The Mexican drug lord was free for over a decade.

But that freedom came to an abrupt halt. Thanks to a wiretap by US agents, vital information was gathered about his whereabouts and passed on to Mexican authorities. He was later arrested near the Arizona border and is now being held at a high security prison.

El Chapo was certainly a creative fellow, but thanks to some good police work his criminal ways eventually came to an end.

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