‘Drunk’ driver nearly runs herself over after yelling at motorist in viral road-rage video

In a surprising twist that blends elements of danger and humor, a viral video captures a woman nearly running herself over after a heated exchange on the road. Road rage videos often make the rounds on social, ranging from the violent to the hilarious, and this latest entry leans towards the latter, sparking both concern and chuckles among viewers. The footage, uploaded to TikTok by user @andrew.s, shows the peculiar confrontation after the driver noticed the woman’s erratic behavior. According to a text overlay by Andrew, the backstory involves the woman nearly veering off the road before lashing out inexplicably.

People expected the woman to get turned into a 'pancake'.(@andrew.S/TikTok)

As Andrew pulls up beside her, he inquires, somewhat humorously, what was bothering her. The woman, struggling with her words, retorts that Andrew was the one driving erratically. Unfazed, he responds, “You are drunk as f**k,” to which she curses him out and exits her vehicle. However, in what some online commentators have described as instant karma, her car starts rolling forward as she steps out, narrowly avoiding a major accident. The video captures her car nudging the van ahead and her leg getting momentarily trapped between her car door and the van, leading to gasps from the online community who believed she was lucky to not be more severely injured.

The recorder of the video, somewhat sympathetically, exits his own vehicle to assist her, proving that despite the heated exchange, compassion prevailed. He reveals in another text overlay that the woman managed to assure the other driver involved that there was no significant damage. Followers of the incident on social media have largely praised Andrew’s decision to help, recognizing the humanity in his actions despite the potential for a different reaction.

The woman even spoke to the driver she hit to say there was no damage.(@andrew.S/TikTok)

Comments on the video reflect a mix of reactions. One user remarked, “Nah u have humanity in you for sure, know a lot of ppl who would just let her struggle or laugh or be glad,” highlighting the positivity in Andrew’s response. Others echoed this sentiment, commending him for his kindness and patience in what could have easily been a dismissive or gloating moment.

Andrew mentioned in the comments that he opted not to involve the police, although one did pass by during the incident. He confessed that he initially thought the situation could end much worse, with the woman possibly getting severely hurt between the vehicles. Thankfully, the incident concluded without serious injury, leaving behind a cautionary tale peppered with dark humor and a reminder of the importance of empathy even in tense situations.