21 Easy Holiday Cocktails You Can Make At The Last Minute

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, everyone deserves a drink. If you’re still stumped over ideas on how to fuel your christmas parties, here are some easy recipes that’ll totally save your butt.

#1. Retro Rum Punch.

You can never go wrong with punch. Get the recipe for this drink here.

#2. Spiced Chocolate Stout Beer Cocktail.

For adults who aren’t so keen on harder drinks, try this. Get the recipe here.

#3. Rudolph’s Tipsy Spritzer.

This drink’ll get your nose glowing, too! Try out the recipe here.

#4. Vanilla Dark and Stormy.

This tall drink is perfect to sip on at parties. Get the recipe here.

#5. Santa Shot.

No time as any to practice your layering skills. With mint and berry flavours, perfect as an after-dinner treat. Get the recipe here.

#6. Ecuadorian Holiday Eggnog.

A.K.A Rosario’s Rumpope, pronounced “rum-poe-pay.” This traditional drink is great with or without the alcohol. Get the recipe here.

#7. Grinch.

The anti-holiday drink. Get the super easy recipe here.

#8. Cider Jack.

Get the recipe for this hard cider cocktail here.

#9. Cranberry Margaritas.

A simple holiday twist on a usual summer drink. Get the recipe here.

#10. Ambrosia Cocktail.

The Gods would definitely approve. Get the recipe here.

Tastes like a peppermint latte, but better. Get the recipe here.

#12. Santa’s Sleigh Cocktail.

Although after a few of these, there’s no riding on any sleigh. Try out the recipe here.

#13. Snowball.

A chilled drink in the middle of winter? Why the heck not? Get the recipe here.

#14. Chocolate Peppermint Stick.

The perfect holiday party drink that’s sweet enough to substitute as a dessert. Try the recipe here.

#15. Hot Buttered Rum.

The best drink for a long night in by the fire with your comfiest PJ’s. Get the recipe for this cozy drink here.

#16. Christmas in a Glass.

This simple 2-ingredient cocktail is sure to be a hit at your christmas party. Get the recipe here.

#17. Holiday Milk Punch.

A milky hard drink for the more tame adults. Get the recipe here.

#18. Candy Cane Cocktail.

Alcohol and candy canes– how much more festive can you get? Try out the recipe here.

#19. Red Rudolph.

A warm drink topped with whipped cream. Get the recipe for this dessert drink here.

#20. Red Hot Santa Tini.

Here’s one way to spice up your holiday– literally. Get the recipe for this sweet and spicy drink here.

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