25 Elephant Tattoos For Men of Power

Elephants are famous for their massive size yet calm demeanor. They are rapidly becoming a more popular tattoo design among men thanks to their rich symbolism. As one of the most well-known animals on earth, images of these gentle giants can be adapted to suit an array of tattoo art styles. That said, check out these elephant tattoo designs to inspire your next piece. 

1. Mandala Elephant Tattoo

Elephants and mandalas have significant spiritual significance in different cultures, particularly in the eastern region. A mandala is often associated with the universe, and is also used to represent wisdom and a peaceful mind. Overall, combining elephants and mandalas is an excellent choice for a spiritual individual with a deep passion for learning. 

2. Elephant Outline Tattoo

If you’re looking for a simple yet eye-catching tattoo, consider getting an elephant outline tattoo. These are great for people who have not yet decided on a specific image. For instance, you can go for a cartoon elephant outline tattoo or geometric shapes for a more modern look. Either way, an elephant outline tattoo is an excellent design for men looking to show off their strength. 

3. Simple Elephant Tattoo

A great thing about elephant tattoos is that they can be as complex or as simple as you want. So, if you like keeping things subtle, settling for a traditional black-ink elephant tattoo is an excellent choice. There are several ways to incorporate these, including line drawing, silhouette, or cartoon. 

4. Elephant Family Tattoo

Elephants are known to be family-oriented gentle giants, similar to humans. These animals live together with their offspring for years, forming unbreakable bonds, unlike most wild animals. Elephants visit the graves of deceased family members. Because of these unique qualities, getting an elephant family tattoo is an excellent choice for men since they’re meaningful — representing the strength of familial bonds. Men who are devoted to their families should consider this tattoo design. 

5. Small Elephant Tattoo 

Although elephants are considered some of the largest animals in the world, they can look just as majestic in a small tattoo. You can place small elephant tattoos anywhere on your body, ranging from your wrists down to your back — making it a flexible choice. 

6. Black and Gray Elephant Tattoo

Elephants usually lend well to traditional black-ink and gray-ink tattoos since their natural color is gray, making for a fantastic tattoo. However, whether you’re aiming for a realistic interpretation of the gentle giant or a complex or culturally significant tattoo, you can get an incredible amount of detail from this limited color palette. If you’re looking for a realistic portrait, this format is the best choice. 

7. Mom and Baby Elephant Tattoo

Although not quite well-known in the tattoo industry, the mom and baby elephant tattoo are one of the most meaningful and visually appealing pieces you can get. Every elephant herd, no matter the size, consists of mothers and their babies, making this unique tattoo design a perfect choice for men who love their families. Additionally, it would make an excellent choice for new dads looking to pay tribute to their partners and children. 

8. Tribal Elephant Tattoo

If you’re looking for a complex piece, getting a tribal elephant tattoo is ideal. That’s because tribal art tattoos often use blank ink, curved lines, and unique patterns, creating striking, appealing, and meaningful pieces. In addition, these designs often are abstract since tribal tattoos are inspired by nature. A tribal elephant tattoo is a perfect choice for men who want to express their connection to the wild. 

9. Elephant Head Tattoo

The elephant head tattoo is one of the most popular pieces among men who get an elephant tattoo. The unique ears and trunks of the gentle giant make this piece instantly recognizable, helping your tattoo stand out more. Since the tattoo artist only needs to work on just the head, you can get them to place more emphasis on detail and color.

10. Elephant and Flower Tattoo 

Although flowers are often associated with femininity, they look equally good on a powerful man. That’s why combining flowers with elephants can be a great way to add a pop of color to your tattoos. These pieces are often filled with bold and bright designs — packing a visual punch.

11. Indian Elephant Tattoo

In Indian culture, elephants are hugely respected, with the country homing thousands of native Asian elephants. Conventionally, kings rode atop elephants that were decorated with jewels and expensive fabric. To get the most out of this tattoo design, take cues from traditional Indian art and implement its unique and decorative pattern and symbols into the tattoo. 

12. Elephant Heart Tattoo

One of the many reasons elephants are beloved and respected is that they show a deep sense of love and loyalty. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that elephant heart tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs among men since they represent passion, loyalty, and admiration.

13. African Elephant Tattoo

Since Africa is home to most of the world’s elephants, why not consider an African elephant tattoo? Although there are many styles to choose from, the most popular option is an elephant profile with the African savannah as the background. It’s best to have this tattoo inked with color to bring it to life. 

14. Watercolor Elephant Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are growing in popularity, and getting a watercolor elephant tattoo is a must for men looking to have all eyes on their new ink. Remember to choose your colors carefully and make them as unique to you as possible. But generally, it’s best to pick bold hues like magenta and turquoise.  

15. Geometric Elephant Tattoo

Incorporating geometric elements into tattoo designs has been a growing trend for a while, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. That’s because the angular shapes, sharp lines, and other symbols add a modern and futuristic touch, making them especially striking when paired with animals, like an elephant. There are many geometric elephant tattoos to explore, so make sure to give your inking a fresh and unique twist.

16. Realistic Elephant Tattoo

As tattoo artists gain more skills and styles to explore in recent years, photorealistic tattoos are becoming more popular. This tattoo design is the best choice for men looking to get an elephant tattoo as close to real-life as possible. However, remember that photorealistic tattoos are more challenging and technical to make than other kinds of tattoos. That’s why when getting a realistic elephant tattoo, go with an experienced artist — and have a crystal clear reference photo for full impact. 

17. Line of Elephants Tattoo

An increasingly popular elephant tattoo design is the line of elephants concept, which usually features 3 to 4 elephants — or even more. It’s worth noting that elephants are family-oriented creatures, similar to humans, making this piece a perfect choice for men looking to immortalize their love for their families. A tattoo like this usually consists of one adult elephant trailed by her kids. 

18. Elephant Watercolor and Geometric Tattoo

This elephant tattoo design combines two intricate techniques, watercolor, and geometric styles. Because of their complexity, you’re given the flexibility of creating unique templates unique to your taste. Geometric tattoos are guaranteed to provide any tattoo a cool and artsy vibe, making it the perfect design for sophisticated men. Adding a splash of color through watercolor styling is a great way to make the tattoo feel and look alive. 

19. Monochrome Elephant With Flowers Tattoo

Although many assume flowers to be feminine, meaningful floral and bloom tattoos like daisies and chrysanthemums have been a popular tattoo design choice among men for centuries. That’s because these flowers not only look appealing and striking in traditional black ink, they’re also rich in symbolism, representing different concepts, ranging from life itself to death. It’s best to pair your elephant tattoo with a flower such as a lotus or a daisy.

20. Fading Elephant Tattoo

This tattoo design is an excellent piece for men looking to add more mystery to their ink. Usually, the left or right of an elephant’s head will fade perfectly on the wearer’s inner arm, making it look like it got painted directly on your skin. The fading elephant tattoo design follows a realistic and detailed illustrative style. 

21. Elephant Skull Tattoo

One of the most incredible and eye-catching designs for men is an elephant skull tattoo. An elephant skull tattoo is cool and masculine, boasting large curved tusks, which can look menacing. Similar to other skull tattoos, the elephant skull tattoo doesn’t necessarily represent death or bad luck. Instead, it shows that you have no fear of mortality.

22. Elephant Back Tattoo

Since elephants are primarily associated with strength, having a back elephant tattoo has become a classic favorite among men. When it comes to larger elephant tattoos, your back is the best place for it. That’s because it gives the artist a broader and smoother canvas to work on, creating a stand-out piece with many details.

23. Elephant Thigh Tattoo

For men looking to get an extensive and more detailed tattoo design they can easily show off and cover, the elephant thigh tattoo is your best choice. The shape of the thigh along with its smoothness makes it the best place for a front or side facing elephant design. It’s also worth noting that the thighs are among the least painful areas of the body to get tattooed. 

24. Elephant Foot Tattoo

The elephant is usually linked with success and eliminating obstacles, so your feet are ideal for elephant tattoos. This placement can help remind you always to keep one foot in front of the other as you walk toward your goal in life, providing you a clear path forward. You could also add an elephant family tattoo on your feet, symbolizing your family as the foundation of your life. 

25. Elephant Hand and Arm Tattoo

Elephants have become a popular hand tattoo design for men since artists can extend their trunks down a finger, giving the tattoo a fun, life-like effect. Hand tattoos look fantastic and are an excellent choice for men who love ink. Next, the arm is also a perfect placement for elephant tattoos, especially for bigger inking. Make sure to ask your tattoo artist to adjust the tattoo design so that it can suit the shape of your forearm, ensuring it looks perfect all the time. 


Where to Put Elephant Tattoos?

The choice is yours, but the most popular places for an elephant tattoo are the shoulders, forearm, legs, or chest. These areas are most visible and so can succesfully show off the detail of your tattoo. 

How Much is an Elephant Tattoo?

Simple elephant tattoos can go for around $70 to $80. But that price range significantly varies per tattoo shop and artist. The price will also be affected by the tattoo’s style, design, and size. 

What Do Elephant Tattoos Mean? 

Elephant are associated with power, luck and wisdom. For this reason, an elephant tattoo is an excellent option for people who want to show off these traits. 

Are Elephant Tattoos Bad Luck?

Elephants are considered lucky as many associates these gentle giants with prosperity. So, they’re far from being bad luck.