Ever Tipped Too Little By Mistake? This Couple Did, But When They Found Out They Did Something Awesome.

Most people know that people in food delivery positions depend on the additional income from tips to supplement their low wages. So when they receive very little or no tip at all, it’s a bit of a downer on their already difficult jobs.

So when one fast food employee delivered food to this couple one night, he was upset to hear them tell him to ‘keep the change’ when they paid $23 on a $22.67 bill.

Posting his story on an online messageboard, he explained how the next day, something happened which he took him by complete surprise.

While working his shift, they dropped this card off for him…

It was a big thank you note, along with $20.

Given the elaborate note and huge tip this couple left, we are pretty sure they felt super bad after realising what they had done the night before!