This Hairy Guy Just Took “Dudeoir” Photography To A Whole New Level

One man is single-handedly changing the face of boudoir photography, one half-naked snap at a time.

Joshua Varozza is no stranger to “dudeoir” modelling. His stint in the “God Bless America ‘Dudeoir’ Country Collection” made him go viral just a couple of months ago.

Now he’s back doing what he does best. And this time, he set the bar even higher.

“No one can out-dudeoir me!” — Varozza, probably.

Taken by Tami Bears, Varozza’s new “Dudeoir Beach Collection” is racking up online attention and proving that when it comes to making sexy poses by the beach, he is the dude for the job.

There’s no one quite like you, man.