Chocolate Now Comes In Slices And We’re Very, Very Excited

It’s pretty much universally agreed that chocolate spread is one of the best things on the planet, so when Japanese company Bourbon announced cheese-like chocolate slices everyone lost their minds (and rightly so).

The pack has 60 2mm slices of delicious chocolatey goodness.

And the makers kindly demonstrated all the ways you can improve regular food by smothering it in a chocolate slice.

You can get extra-creative with the chocolate slices.

And they’re 100% Instagram-ready.

Square chocolate on round pancakes?! Woah.

Cut out funky shapes and dramatically improve a Swiss Roll (what even is jelly?).

Sorry ‘clean-eating’ brigade, we’ll have our organic fruit covered in naughty, delicious chocolate.

We’re not 100% sure what this is, but look — chocolate! Bet it tastes divine.

Sadly, a pack of chocolate slices costs $23, which seems a hefty tax for our laziness. Boo.

For now we’ll just try melting entire blocks of chocolate on everything we eat. That’s basically the same, right?