7 Reasons You Should Always Let Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed

Dogs make pretty much everything better, but it’s time someone compiled a definitive list of exactly WHY you should always let your loyal pup cuddle up in bed with you, with some adorable GIFs of puppies. Oh look, we’ve done just that.

#1. It’s comforting.


Dogs are warm, soft, and cuddly, kind of like teddy bears but, you know, alive. The presence of another being nearby when you’re sleeping, and hearing them breathe, is strangely comforting. Until he does a doggy fart, of course. Nothing comforting about those.

#2. It prevents insomnia.


That soothing presence of a dog, as well as making you feel a little safer, will stop you lying awake for hours struggling to fall asleep. You might get woken up a little earlier than expected though.

#3. It relieves stress.


Therapy dogs exist for a reason — pups have been scientifically proven to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety just with a cuddle or a helping paw. Their positive outlook is contagious, and you can’t fail to  be reassured by their attentive, loving nature. And they’re just so cute.

#4. It makes you feel safer.


A dog has super-hearing and having your trusty guardian keeping watch while you’re at your most vulnerable, ready to bark at any strangers, will make you feel so protected. Unlike cats, who’ll just make you think your room is haunted because they see things you can’t and go streaking out at 4am.

#5. It fights depression.


Dogs offer unconditional love, with no question asked. What could be more of a mood-booster than a fluffy fella who’s always happy to see you and thinks you’re the greatest thing ever?

#6. It’s warmer.


Okay, so maybe you don’t want an Alsation lying on you in midsummer, but come winter a warm, furry pooch is basically a little radiator for your bed.

#7. And it’s good for your dog.


These little fluffballs want to be with you all the time, and it’s comforting for them to snuggle up with their favorite person, too.

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