Expert warns travelers that ‘raw-dogging’ flights is a surprisingly bad idea

Going “Raw-Dog” On Your Flight? Here’s Why Experts Say Think Again! If “raw-dogging” a flight is a new term for you, brace yourself because it’s sweeping the travel scene on platforms like TikTok. But what exactly does it entail? Essentially, it’s traveling old-school style, without any digital distractions or comforts like downloaded movies, music, or even a travel pillow. Imagine soaring through the skies just like the travelers of the ’80s—totally unplugged.

People are raw-dogging flights - but what does it mean? (Getty Stock Photo)

But could this trend actually be harmful? Surprisingly, yes, experts are ringing the alarm bells on this one. The team at Netflights, a go-to flight-booking app, breaks down why skipping all these modern conveniences might not be such a good idea.

**Hydration is Key**: First off, staying hydrated is crucial. According to specialists, those who go “raw” on flights typically avoid drinking fluids altogether, leading to dehydration. This can cause an array of unpleasant symptoms including headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. With the low oxygen pressure and changes in humidity on flights, our bodies lose water faster, making it even more important to drink up.

“Drinking alcohol on flights also contributes to symptoms of dehydration, so it’s best to stay hydrated and skip the booze,” the experts suggest. While skipping a cocktail might dampen the vacation spirit for some, the focus here is on wellness up in the air.


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**Beware of Jetlag**: Next up, jetlag. This dreaded travel companion can ruin a holiday before it even starts. The experts at Netflights caution that ‘raw-dogging’ a long-haul flight might strengthen your mental resilience, but it could leave you feeling worse upon landing due to increased jetlag. Relaxing and possibly catching some Z’s during the flight is advised to help your body adjust and recover from the journey.

**Fatigue Factors**: Being on a plane without engaging in normal mealtime routines can also lead to severe fatigue. “With long-haul flights including in-flight meals as part of your fare, passengers who choose to ‘raw-dog’ will have to skip the provided snacks and meals,” the specialists note. They recommend eating during flights to stay energized and alert upon arrival.

Don't raw-dog your next flight, listen to your music, watch a film and stay hydrated. (Getty Stock Image)

**Stress and Enjoyment Levels**: Finally, let’s talk stress and enjoyment. Forgoing all forms of entertainment and comfort can spike your stress levels and substantially decrease the overall enjoyment of your flight. Next time you’re headed to destinations like Cancún, Miami, or Toronto, remember these expert tips before deciding to ‘raw-dog’ your flight. After all, there are kids onboard, and a happy traveler makes for a peaceful flight for everyone!

So, before you board your next flight with nothing but your boarding pass and a sense of adventure, consider these insights. Keep your flights fun, comfortable, and above all, hydrating! Safe travels!