25 Best Eye Tattoo Designs For Men In 2022

Eyes can make awesome tattoos for men, especially those who love going on adventures and are naturally free-spirited. Although you should never get your eyeballs inked, getting tattooed with eyes is an excellent choice if you’re looking to make people ‘look’ twice. Eyes are universally recognizable and are of great importance in different cultures. If you’re looking for a unique masculine tattoo that stares back into the souls of onlookers, eye tattoos are perfect! 

Although eye tattoos may seem too plain, it’s relatively flexible, giving you ample room for unique modifications. That said, if you’re having trouble searching for your next ink inspiration, here are 25 eye tattoos ideal for adventurous men. 

1. Wing Eye Tattoo

If you’re looking for a tattoo design that perfectly matches your sense of adventure, the bold and heavy detailing of wing eye tattoos is ideal. It’s a unique tattoo design that includes a vibrant green inked eye surrounded with brown and grey wings. Because of its intricate details, only the best tattoo artists can execute this tattoo flawlessly, giving you another reason to explore the world. 

The ink itself looks like there’s an actual human eye engraved in the middle of its wings, signifying freedom, and along with the message of the eye tattoo—you end up with something even more powerful. 

2. Evil Eye Tattoo

Traditionally, the evil eye symbol in the infamous ‘talisman’ has the shape of the human eye in blue. Many believed that the talisman could protect the wearer, guarding them against dangerous energies, exchanging them with good karma. There are several design variations to choose from, but the idea behind each one remains the same, boasting a ‘strong’ symbolic value associated with safety, faith, and perseverance. It’s the sort of tattoo that you’d want to show off, making it a perfect choice for adventurous men. 

3. Egyptian Eye of Horus Tattoo

The Eye of Horus, or the ‘all-seeing eye,’ is an ancient Egyptian image depicting a human eye, representing royalty, health, and protection. The Eye of Horus is the falcon-like God’s left eye, where many believed he lost. However, the falcon-like God had it restored by the Goddess, Hathor. It’s for this very reason that the Egyptian Eye of Horus is often associated with health and healing, making it the perfect ‘lucky’ charm for an explorer.

When deciding on your next body art, the Egyptian Eye of Horus is an excellent choice for adventurous men who have been hurt in the past and have overcome it, motivating them to push forward and see what’s in store for them over time. 

4. Watercolor Rose Eye Tattoo

If you’re looking for something colorful, watercolor rose eye tattoos are a great choice. This unique tattoo design follows the contemporary watercolor tattooing technique, consisting of a red rose and an eye in the middle of the bloom. The background of this ink design includes different ‘drops’ of watercolor flowing down, showcasing tears falling from the eye. Although this tattoo idea has a feminine touch because of the rose, it’s also popular among men. After all, it’s challenging to miss out on a tattoo that looks incredibly realistic and stunning. 

5. Third Eye Tattoo

In many cultures, the third eye is typically considered the 6th chakra and is believed to be invisible, representing intuition and wisdom. It is thought that the third eye reflects a person’s thoughts and inner voice, guiding everyone in making decisions. Besides that, the third eye boasts powerful symbolism, making it an incredible tattoo idea. Plus, since it’s a versatile tattoo, you can get creative with your designs, expanding your imagination and thirst for adventure. 

For instance, some individuals like to portray the third eye on the forehead, between the two ‘normal eyes.’ In contrast, others include different elements to it, giving it a more mystical appearance. Regardless of your reason, the meaning associated with your unique design can constantly remind you to stay true to yourself. 

6. The Eye of the Tiger Tattoo

There’s nothing fiercer than an eye of the tiger tattoo, making it a fantastic choice for men looking to represent their thirst for danger and adventure. The tattoo can consist of whatever colors you like, but the tiger eye usually comes in yellow ink while having a tiger print on the background. Instead of a traditional whole tiger face, the ‘eye of the tiger tattoo’ only includes a quarter of a tiger’s face, including the said eye. The best part about this ink is that it usually comes with incredible detailing and contouring, making the body art more realistically. 

Other than the tattoo’s appearance, the eye of the tiger tattoo is meaningful as it represents the tiger’s fierceness, symbolizing its primitive desire that makes you push forward—making it the perfect tattoo idea for the adventurous man. 

7. Lion Eyes Tattoo

The lion is widely accepted as the ‘king of the jungle,’ a majestic animal symbolizing bravery and courage. It’s seen as a fearless creature while being respected. Free-spirited men who are looking to express their strength while reminding themselves they can overcome any obstacle, a lion eyes tattoo is a great choice. Besides that, the ink can also represent guidance or serve as a window into the sou. The best thing about this design is that you can make its meaning unique to you, making it even more meaningful. 

8. Eye of Providence Tattoo

The eye of providence is one of the oldest and most famous eye tattoos that men get to this day. This design often includes the eye of providence in black and white and is typically enclosed in a triangle, similar to the infamous Illuminati symbol. Plus, it comes in a background filled with rays, often made through shading. Although the eye of providence is widely known to have a connection with the mysterious Illuminati beliefs, it also possesses a religious significance. Religious individuals perceive the eye as the representation of the ‘eye of God,’ watching over the universe. 

Regardless, the tattoo, in general, has a long list of meanings and comes with a deep history, making it the perfect tattoo for adventurous men. 

9. Owl Eyes Tattoo

An owl tattoo can be an eye-catching tattoo, with many men often choosing this nocturnal bird-inspired design thanks to its rich symbolism. Owls are thought to represent wisdom and change, holding significance in multiple cultures. For instance, for Native Americans, owls are perceived as the guardian of knowledge. When looking for inspiration for your next ink, choosing the eyes of this mysterious creature could represent any of the qualities mentioned. 

10. Clock Eye Tattoo

If you’re looking for something that coincides with your desire to explore, there’s no better eye tattoo than a clock eye tattoo. This ink includes a black and gray eye, where the eyeball consists of an old school clock with Roman numbers and needles. It’s the perfect tattoo that reminds you to make the most out of your days and explore the world! 

11. Wolf Eyes Tattoo

The wolf is a mysterious beast rich in symbolism, representing loyalty, protection, and family. It’s an excellent tattoo choice for adventurous men who prioritize these things in their lives. Although getting a wolf tattoo in itself has deep meaning, focusing on the wolf’s eyes makes your intentions clearer. Additionally, the wolf is known to have immense significance in Native American culture. Some people believe that traditional Shamans felt the eyes were reflections of emotions, conveying different messages, like fear or anger. 

12. Snake Eyes Tattoo

Snakes have been a popular tattoo choice among men because of their connection with rebirth, change, and transformation. However, sticking with the serpent’s eyes themselves indicates a different meaning. Snake eyes tattoos can represent those who perceive themselves as charismatic, charming people with their actions and words. Another common interpretation of this unique tattoo design is people think that it symbolizes rebellion, making snake eyes tattoo an excellent match with adventurous men. 

Overall, the beauty of snake eyes tattoos is that there are numerous meanings to choose from—all the wearer needs to do is select one that best reflects their thoughts and feelings. Regardless of the reason, though, one thing that everyone can agree on is that snake eyes generally make for a cool tattoo. 

13. Geometric Eye Tattoo

If you’re looking for an eye tattoo that perfectly resonates with your desire to explore and have fun, then getting a geometric eye tattoo is an excellent choice for you. These often include a black and white eye with surrounding shapes, ranging from triangles and circles that connect to the focal piece. That’s why if you’re looking for a cool tattoo with a profound meaning while making sure it stands out, a geometric eye tattoo would be the perfect match for you. 

14. Eye Tattoo on the Arm

The arm is an excellent place for tattoos as it’s large enough to give the artist more space to add in more details, isn’t as painful in other areas due to the thickness of the skin and muscles in the area, and it’s easy to show off and hide. Getting an eye tattoo on the arm is an excellent choice for adventurous men who like to show off their inks, and it’s bound to turn heads. 

15. Dragon Eye Tattoo

The dragon is a beloved mythical beast, with many showing their respect, fear, and adoration for the creature. That’s why a tattoo of a dragon’s eyes is a popular choice among men, as it not only honors the mythical creature but also uniquely expresses the message they want to share with the world. Although the tattoo’s meaning may change depending on the elements, generally, dragon tattoos represent knowledge and strength. It also represents masculinity, with some believing that dragon eyes are associated with good and evil. 

16. Realistic Eye Tattoo

When getting body art, there are several techniques to choose from, and one of the best options for adventurous men is the realistic approach as it’s most striking and eye-catching. The tattoo style can make any image come to life on one’s body, grabbing the attention of onlookers. Although the life-life approach of tattooing is still relatively fresh in the industry, the results will always be undoubtedly impressive, making it the perfectly masculine choice. If you’re looking for a ‘realistic’ eye design, choose an artist experienced in the niche. 

17. Butterfly Eyes Tattoo

One of the most famous images that most people get tattooed is the butterfly since the creature is often associated with beauty and transformation. Not to mention its flexibility, allowing individuals to choose from a broad range of designs, making it more appealing than others. Although it’s considered feminine, men have recently taken a liking to butterfly-themed body art thanks to its mystical looks and deep meaning. When you combine butterflies with an eye, it makes it even more meaningful. 

The ink is known to have something to do with one’s soul as butterflies are widely believed to represent human souls, while the eye element gives the wearer the chance to look deep inside themselves. The combo is profoundly meaningful and appealing, so it isn’t hard to see why adventurous men would get tattooed with it. 

18. Minimalist Eye Tattoo

If you’re a man who likes the simpler things in life, why not celebrate your passion by letting it reflect on your tattoos? Simple designs are usually small and use basic outlines of the selected method. Additionally, minimalist tattoos don’t use much shading and detail, making it a perfect choice for men who are always on the go. That said, it’s an appealing option for men who are more laid-back and are looking for body art that’s meaningful but doesn’t grab much attention. Simple eye tattoos are an excellent choice for this tattoo style since they can represent many things, ranging from clarity to mystery.  

19. Mind’s Eye Tattoo

A mind’s eye usually refers to the things that people often come up with in their heads. It’s the general process of being able to recall mental images or straight up imagine them. The concept can make for an exciting and unique tattoo design, often open to interpretation, making it the perfect ink inspiration for adventurous men who always pick up new stories on their journey. If you’re looking to get inked with tattoos that give you a great conversation starter, a mind’s eye tattoo is a perfect choice. 

Additionally, it’s best to have your mind’s eye tattoo placed somewhere you can often see, leaving a more significant statement. 

20. Crying Eye Tattoo

When looking into someone’s eyes, you’d often get a glimpse of their emotions, whether it’s happiness or sadness. For many individuals, the eyes can tell a story without having to utter a single word, and getting a crying tattoo would have the same effect. Although a crying tattoo boasts many interpretations, for most people, it’s associated with the passing of a loved one and is tattooed as a tribute for them, honoring their memories. 

Meanwhile, for others, the crying eye tattoo is often perceived as ‘prison ink,’ but the meaning depends on how the wearer chooses to interpret it. 

21.Sleeve Eye Tattoo

The meaning of eye tattoos can differ from one person to another, and there’s no better way to tell a story than getting a sleeve tattoo filled with eye elements. The best part of this is that since eye tattoos are so versatile, they can stand for several things, including love, hatred, hope, or sanctity. 

22. Traditional Eye Tattoo

Conventional tattoos usually refer to a particular style of tattooing defined by vibrant colors and emphasized lines. Popular shades for traditional eye tattoos include red, yellow, and black—and usually favor several elements, ranging from anchors to skulls. With that in mind, eye tattoos look great following this traditional way of tattooing as it makes the piece stand out more against the wearer’s skin, and you can make it as simple or complex as you want. 

23. Triangle Eye Tattoo

The eyes are some of the most incredible parts of one’s body, giving people the ability to see, and are usually portrayed as the window to one’s soul. There are several reasons why an adventurous man would want to get an eye tattoo, and among the options, the triangle eye tattoo is one of the best. That’s because the triangle eye tattoo is often linked with faith, and it’s a generally visually exciting choice—all while being rich in symbolic value. 

24. Eye Tattoo on the Hand

If you’re looking for a tattoo that’ll leave a massive impact and one that you can look at every day, getting an eye tattoo on your hand is a great choice. That’s because the visibility makes this placement appealing to adventurous men who aren’t afraid to express their desire for body art. However, keep in mind that this area’s pain factor is considered one of the most painful thanks to many nerve endings, bones, and thin skin present in the backside of the hand. 

25. Eye With Patterns Tattoo

The uniqueness and appeal of eye tattoos lie in their overall design and not just the focal piece. A popular choice among men regarding eye tattoos is one that’s been carefully designed with a special touch of art, along with unique color blends, making it look like a human eye, with the patterns around them making them stand out more. 


What do eye tattoos symbolize?

The eye usually represents protection, security, vigilance, knowledge and clarity. It is also a common occult and ancient image, like the Egyptian eye of horus, third eye, eye of providence, and others.

What does a crying eye tattoo mean?

The crying eye usually denotes a deep emotion of pain, suffering and separation. It is commonly associated with a great loss to the wearer.

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