8 Things Your Eyes Are Trying to Tell You About Your Health

If something funny is going on with your eyes, it might point to a health issue. Here are some signs to watch out for. When in doubt, visit your doctor.

#1. Permanent sty

A sty is a painful red lump on the eyelid that is often painful and irritating. They appear due to block sebaceous glands, and usually disappear away within a few days.

If a sty remains for a long time, it can be a symptom of sebaceous gland carcinoma. If you have recurring sty in the same place, or one that doesn’t appear to be healing, see your doctor.

#2. Eyebrow loss

Age, stress, or nutrient deficiencies can all contribute to eyebrow loss. Alopecia areata, or spot baldness, can be another reason, although it affects only 0.1% of the population.

A more likely reason for thinning brows is hypothyrodisim. It’s an acute shortage of thyroid hormones which, in extreme cases, can lead to hair loss. So, if your hair is thinning, ask your doctor to check your thyroid gland.

#3. Bulging eyes

If you constantly feel some sort of expansion in your eyes, it can be a symptom of thyroid (or Graves) eye disease, meaning your thyroid is overactive.

Difficulty closing the eyes is one of the symptoms, making the eyes appear to bulge. If you notice this, call your doctor immediately.

#4. Blurred vision

We all spend too long staring at computer or tablet screens, causing burning eyes or blurred vision.

The condition, now known as digital eye strain, is easily solved with the help of a doctor.

#5. Yellow whites

If the whites of your eyes appear yellow, it can be a sign of jaundice due to an underdeveloped liver function. It can also be connected to the gallbladder or bile ducts so, if your whites appear yellow, contact your doctor.

#6. Impaired or cloudy vision, or vision loss

Any change in your vision is a warning sign that something’s wrong. If you notice your vision suddenly become cloudy, impaired, or even disappearing for a moment, seek medical help immediately — those are the early signs of a stroke.

#7. Cloudy vision with diabetes

People with diabetes have to take special care with their vision. A common problem is diabetic retinopathy, caused by damage to blood vessels in the retina tissue, which can cause cloudy vision.

This condition is a serious one and you should contact a doctor straight away.

#8. Blind spots

Noticing a blind spot in your vision can be pretty alarming. It may often suggest an oncoming migraine, especially if accompanied with sparkling dots or wavy lines. Speak to your doctor to find out what’s triggering the problem.