20 Face Tattoos for Men Who Just DGAF

Once the exclusive domain of sailors, prisoners and gang members, face tattoos are now becoming increasingly popular among young men. And while some may see them as a form of self-expression, others view them as a way to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that face tattoos are here to stay.

While they may be controversial, there’s no doubt that face tattoos can be visually stunning. From intricate patterns to bold statements, these tattoos can really make a person’s face come alive. So whether you’re considering getting a face tattoo yourself or you’re just curious about this growing trend, our compilation below is definitely worth checking out. Who knows, you might just find yourself inspired to get one of your own.

1. Dotwork Face Tattoo

If you are not into colored tattoos, you might want to explore dotwork tattoo styles. This uniquely popular trend uses the meticulous application of fine dots to create texture and depth in various tattoo designs. When viewed from afar, these tattoos look like a monochromatic image rich in drama and feelings. Dotwork tattoos also offer the versatility of approach in tattoos. You can create geometric designs, tribal lines, shapes, or other illustrative images using this technique. It is why many men consider dotwork face tattoos to achieve the designs that they want. 

2. Tribal Maori Face Tattoo

Native Americans and Polynesian tribes, particularly Samoans and Maori tribes, are known for their traditional face tattoos. They have impressive tribal face tattoos that you might also consider for yourself. You can look up iconic tribal face tattoos from the Maori Ta Moko traditions. These tattoos showcase specific details about the wearer, such as their family, achievements, and social status. If you want to pay tribute to your heritage and culture, you can ask your tribe for a rite of passage to wear such tattoos. As for the others, please do some research first before getting a tribal face tattoo to ensure that your chosen design is not offensive to their culture in any way.  

3. Geometric Face Tattoo

Geometric tattoo is a vastly popular tattoo design enjoyed by the younger generation. It balances out the nature of geometric design and abstract artsy images. Many things can inspire you to explore these stunning designs and consider them a theme for your face tattoos. Geometric tattoos are visually stimulating, but they also hold deep significance associated with the various shapes and patterns created. Also, designs rooted in the mystic tradition of sacred Geometry involve more profound mysteries and connections with the earth.

4. Colorful Face Tattoo

Colors add vibrance, drama, and life to tattoos. For some, it is the only way to represent their taste and sensibilities best. Colors make tattoo designs more exciting, and it is even more incredible when inked on the face. Colored face tattoos create an illustrative piece from simple pieces composed of simple lines. With bold and vibrant colors, you showcase your personality and your love for life. You can even explore watercolor techniques if you appreciate the beautiful blending of colors. However, the face offers limited space for expansive or elaborate tattoo designs. Consider getting a small piece that you can color up for that sweet statement piece. 

5. Heart Face Tattoo

Hearts have always been a popular element in various tattoo designs. The earliest sailors have attributed heart tattoos to their loved ones or family members whom they have not seen for a long time. Different meanings come with heart tattoos. It can symbolize heartbreak, romance, or love for life. For a face tattoo, heart symbols are often smaller and more straightforward. Artists have limited spaces to draw on the face. Thus, these elements look best when they are tiny and less detailed.  

6. Cross Face Tattoos

Another popular tattoo design for men is the cross. It is a favorite among individuals who wish to pay tribute to their faith and belief in the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ to save humankind. Getting across a face tattoo tells everyone that you are a Christian and that you are serious about your faith. Whenever you look at the mirror, you will be reminded of your beliefs and will serve as an ever-present reminder of God in your life. Ideal placements for a cross tattoo are at the corner of the eye or the temples.   

7. Skull Face Tattoo

For bold and fearless guys, getting a tattoo that almost covers the face has some appeal. A complete skull face tattoo will look incredible and spooky! A skull face tattoo is not for the faint-hearted! This tattoo design was made famous by Rick Genest, an artist popularly known as the “Zombie Boy.” You have to be fully committed to having this tattoo because you’ll carry it with you for the rest of your life. If you are genuinely in love with tattoos and you’re obsessed with Goth aesthetics, this will be a perfect choice for you.  

8. Runes Face Tattoos

Feel like you are running out of inspiration for a trendy and straightforward face tattoo? How about exploring runes and other esoteric symbols? There are thousands of signs that you can use for your face tattoo. These ancient symbols are unique and were used by the Norse and Germanic people for their first alphabet. You can explore these symbols to find something that signifies your freedom and celebration of life. Some groups also used it as an occult symbol, but whatever it may mean for you, you can easily attach it to the character you choose for your face tattoo. Runes are also like secret codes, and only those who understand them will know what you are trying to express.

9. Name Face Tattoo

A name tattoo is one of the most popular means of paying tribute to a loved one. This tattoo style works well on any body part, but it is most meaningful when inked on the face. Some tribes consider the head and face a sacred part of the body, and having someone’s name in this spot means that they are essential. But of course, face tattoos are not for the faint-hearted. Bolder men can consider getting inked with a name face tattoo to showcase their loyalty and confidence. Depending on the chosen style and length of text, the piece can be inked horizontally or vertically. 

10. Word Face Tattoo

Face tattoos are one of the biggest trends in the recent body art scene. The practice of painting faces and getting them marked has run through history and in various tribes. It is one of the best self-expression, as believed in these tribes. Thus, getting the right words out is essential. If you can’t find a symbol or image you want to ink on your face, how about these excellent word face tattoos? It makes a bold statement about who you are and what you want to say. Most guys prefer single-word descriptions for simplicity and maximum impact. Some of the top choices are “alone,” “misunderstood,” and “lover.”

11. Initials Face Tattoo

For a meaningful tattoo design with limited space use, consider getting an initial face tattoo. Initials are used to represent loved ones or special people in your life. A single or two-letter initial works well as a face tattoo because it will not take much space. This design can also stand alone and carry a personal meaning behind it. You can choose to have standard letter fonts or something handwritten. The letter X is a common initial choice for men because it is used to represent themselves. In the past, men wrote this letter instead of their signature. 

12. Number Face Tattoos

Number tattoos are enduringly famous for both men and women and can be placed anywhere on the body. It is leading to a growing trend of having several face tattoos. Numbers are used to be glaring reminders of significant years, ages, or simply just lucky numbers. Number tattoos also go along well with other images such as infinity symbols, floral blooms, and others. If you get a number face tattoo, it is best placed on the cheek for easy adaptation. You may have it big or small and or in combination with other tattoo elements.  

13. Anchor Face Tattoo

Anchor tattoos are classic designs that sailors favor for generations. Traditionally, it represents hope, safety, and salvation. It is a significant design that men relate to when they experience difficulties in their life. It may also express the Christian faith for some. Thus it is also quite popular with men of faith. Likewise, those who love traveling also find the design appealing as it reminds them of ocean journeys and sea adventures.

14. Diamond Face Tattoo

Diamond is a gem that is so precious, and it is the hardest natural mineral on the planet. Its value and representation make it a popular tattoo choice for both men and women. Diamonds are associated with integrity, survival, and invincibility. Also, it is known as a symbol of power and wealth. A diamond tattoo is popularly inked on visible placement areas like the arms, hands, shoulders, and thigh. But if you are bold enough, you can have this image inked on your face to showcase your self-value and let others know about your strong personality.  

15. Sword Face Tattoos

Some face tattoos are cool. Others look gaudy. It is challenging to find the perfect design that will work for specific facial shapes and features. If you are looking for a vertical and elongated tattoo design, a Sword face tattoo is an excellent option for you. It is associated with authority, strength, bravery, protection, and power. A sword tattoo on the temple is linked with having a sound mind and intelligence. Likewise, a flaming sword has biblical references and is best connected with the Christian faith.  

16. Moon Face Tattoos

For a tattoo element that represents change and transformation, consider getting a moon tattoo. Many men find designs involving the moon and its various phases to be an appealing choice for a face tattoo. Those who have undergone complicated life situations may choose to have a moon face tattoo to express how they have struggled and evolved. Depending on the symbolism you want to share, you can opt for the crescent moon as it is associated with self-reflection and letting go.  

17. Tear Face Tattoo

Tear tattoos on the face are one of the most ill-reputed designs in the past. It is commonly inked on prisoners to signify that they are killers. Fortunately, this bad reputation is no longer applied to people with tear tattoos. However, its meaning may still be remembered when one sees a person with such inking. And because of such importance, tear face tattoos often look intimidating, edgy, and mysterious. This design is suitable for men who are bold enough to carry ink designs once associated with criminals.  

18. Small Face Tattoos

Are you toying with the idea of getting a face tattoo? If this is your first time to get inked on the face, you might want to get something that’s small and simple. How about tiny images in pure black ink? These designs can be understated, stylish, yet masculine. Small face tattoos give off a relaxed and sophisticated look on men. The best placement for a small tattoo is on the temple or the corner of the eye. These designs may be small, but they make subtle expressions and statements. 

19. Celtic Face Tattoos

It is not a coincidence that celtic tattoos are popular. These are bold and distinctive tattoos that are easily recognizable. The design of celtic tattoos require a relatively large area, like the shoulder, back, arms and thighs. However, the curves of celtic tattoos work well with the face’s natural curvature. One of the most common tattoo is the celtic knot. It is an interlocking curves that represent the bond between man and nature.

20. Star Face Tattoo

A start tattoo is a straightforward and subtle design choice for a face tattoo. Stars are not only aesthetically impressive when artistically inked, but it also has deep meanings that men can easily relate with. Most people see stars as a symbol of hope and guidance in the darkness of the night. Others consider them as reminders of their loved ones who passed away. There are various star designs to choose from. You can have a classic star shape or go for a four-pointed image for a more masculine appearance. 


What Do Face Tattoos Symbolize? 

Modern face tattoos have less of a societal or spiritual meaning. So, today, anyone willing to get a face tattoo can get one. However, many artists are still hesitant to give face tattoos. Overall, face tattoos are seen as a way to state a personal message publicly. 

Can a Face Tattoo Look Good?

Face tattoos are versatile, meaning they can look good anywhere on your face. So whether you’re getting a small and subtle design or an oversized, artistic piece, it’ll look good. But remember that you’ll only achieve great face tattoos with the help of a talented artist. 

Is Getting a Face Tattoo a Bad Idea?

Although face tattoos are becoming more popular, getting one at any age isn’t the best idea. That’s because face tattoos are still frowned upon in several jobs. So, unless you plan on becoming a tattoo artist, model, or artist, don’t get a face tattoo. 

Why Do People Get Face Tattoos?

One of the main reasons why people get face tattoos is to make a statement. It could be a personal statement or a rebellious act. On the other hand, face tattoos play a special role in some cultures. For instance, in Maori tradition, a face tattoo is a great way to tell the story of your life.