30 Beautiful Feather Tattoo Ideas for Women

Feather tattoos have long been admired for their beauty, and both men and women can wear them, but they work especially well for women because they symbolize femininity. There are various feather designs to choose from ranging from colorful peacock feathers, black and white zebra stripes, and beautiful flights of birds.

Feather Tattoo Meaning

Feather tattoos are seen as a symbol of freedom, versatility and individuality. The tattoo can represent wishing to be free from restrictions or responsibilities. It can also represent yearning for adventure, or being on the road. Feathers are spiritual symbols that have been used by countless tribes since ancient times. This has led to their use in modern tattoos, especially those done as a form of body art.

1. Peacock Feather Tattoo

The Peacock Feather symbolizes change and creativity for some, while others believe it represents balance or duality in life. “Peacock” is derived from the Latin word “pavo”, which means to open, not only representing their feathers, but also new opportunities. This colorful tattoo is also eye-catching and striking, so it is a great first tattoo for those just beginning to explore new options. Some people prefer to have them on their shoulder blades because they are thin and dainty, while others want larger feathers that extend down to their heels.

2. Indian (Native American) Feather Tattoo

This tattoo is a symbol of honor that dates back to the early times of Native Americans. They are considered sacred and are not taken lightly, so having one placed on the body is considered an honor. The feather also signifies freedom, spiritual connection, wisdom, strength, vision and power. This type of tattoo is most often seen around the wrist and foot.

3. Eagle Feather Tattoo

This tattoo can symbolize courage, strength, freedom, spirituality, and vision. It can be placed anywhere on the body but is most commonly put on the foot, lower back, shoulder, arm, wrist or chest. It is believed to be a spiritual symbol in some cultures because it represents truth and wisdom of spirit, and it can help guide them towards their destiny or purpose for living.

4. Infinity Feather Tattoo

This tattoo consists of a black or dark gray inking on the skin that is made up of two feathers connected to form the symbol for infinity. The feathers are usually detailed with some white highlights, but may also include other colors if desired. Infinity Feather Tattoos are typically placed behind the ear and it shows that one feels infinite and connected to something greater than themselves. However, this design can also mean that one is ready to take on the world and live life to its fullest.

This tattoo is a symbol of honor that dates back to the early times of Native Americans. They are considered sacred and are not taken lightly, so having one placed on the body is considered an honor. A feather tattoo placed on the forearm is often associated with strength, wisdom and vision.

5. Phoenix Feather Tattoo

A phoenix can be represented in many ways, such as with its wings spread open, or by the whole body of the bird itself. The most popular are phoenix feathers with the wings spread open on either the wrist or ankle due to its symbolic representations. The Phoenix Feather tattoo is often worn as a symbol of transformation and rejuvenation. With their ability to rise from ashes after they are destroyed, the phoenix feather tattoos represent spiritual ascension.

6. Feather Tattoo on the Ankle

A feather tattoo on the ankle is a simple design consisting of only one or two feathers. A single feather on its own can symbolize independence, while an entire set can represent growth. It may also show your connection with the world around you. A tattoo on the ankle means that the wearer is free and doesn’t live under anyone’s thumb.

7. Feather Neck Tattoo

A feather tattoo on the neck is a unique placement, because it is visible while wearing any type of clothing. It’s also easily concealable by simply flipping your hair over it. This type of design usually has either one or more feathers coming out of the top of the collarbone area.

8. Feather Sleeve Tattoo

This is a very detailed, long design that typically wraps around the upper arm. This type of tattoo can be very colorful or done in one solid tone. It usually starts with a single feather at the wrist and ends in another single feather at the shoulder. The use of color or shading give this tattoo style flexibility. A feather sleeve can symbolize the wearer’s connection with nature, spirituality or their personal growth.

9. Feather Wrist Tattoo

The feather tattoo is a popular choice because it evokes positive emotions and spiritual images. It is a sign of independence and freedom, and the feather is a symbol of the spirit. Therefore, the wrist tattoo indicates that one feels free and open to new opportunities in life. A woman’s wrist is an ideal placement for tattoos because it allows them to be concealed in everyday wear.

10. Feather Hand Tattoo

This is a type of tattoo that has become increasingly popular among women. There are many different types of feathers used to create these tattoos, but they all follow the same basic design. It usually starts at the knuckles and extends up to or past the middle finger. The feathers are usually a solid color, but many people prefer to be a different color on each finger. Many women refer to the feather hand tattoo as “feminine” or “delicate”, so they choose it to represent their love of femininity and grace.

11. Feather Tattoo on Finger

A feather tattoo on the finger is a small, detailed design that represents the wearer’s emotions. The feather can be drawn on the index finger, middle finger or pinky to mean different things. The index feather can symbolize someone outgoing, while a middle finger tattoo represents friendship. A pinky tattoo means you are wise beyond your years. A lot of women get this design because they have a beautiful shape and are very discreet.

12. Feather Tattoo on the Foot

Getting a tattoo on the foot is a painful process, but the design is worth it. A large tattoo on the foot can reach from the ankle to the toes and even up to your knee. Feather tattoos on the foot also represent your connection with nature, so if you love animals or hiking, this might be a good choice for you.

13. Feather Tattoo on Forearm

Feather tattoos are popular on many parts of the body, but the forearm is a particularly good location. The arm folds up naturally, so the side of it doesn’t have to be drawn on. It’s easy to hide the arm behind clothing. Feather tattoos are usually simple lines or shapes that evoke the shape of a feather, but they can also be very detailed, realistic images. They can be done as a half sleeve; they can cover up a scar or tattoo that didn’t go to completion on the forearm. They’re also easier to hide if you have a job that doesn’t allow visible tattoos – just wear long sleeves!

14. Behind the Ear Feather Tattoo

A behind the ear feather tattoo allows for the feather to be concealed or visible based on your hairstyle. Typically, people will get these behind the ear tattoos to symbolize being grounded or having an open mind. A behind the ear feather tattoo can be worn by anyone who wants to portray unfettered by their environment.

15. Feather Shoulder Tattoo

A feather tattoo on the shoulders can be as detailed or as simple as you want it to be. A shoulder tattoo means that the wearer is confident and free-spirited. This design can span both shoulders or be limited to only one. The wearer may also fill the tattoo with flowers, stars or other images representing freedom and femininity. This tattoo design symbolizes your ability to adapt to change and growth, representing independence and strength. The color of the feather may vary, but usually, it’s drawn in either black or gray ink.

16. Feather Tattoo on Side

Your choice of ink color for this design will typically be white or some other light shade that looks like skin instead of black or dark brown like most tattoos. The reason for this is because you want it to blend in as much as possible with your natural skin tone. The tattoo is drawn on one side of the body, starting around the waist and ending at mid-back. In addition to feathers, this tattoo may also have other elements underneath it.

17. Dream Catcher Feather Tattoo

This design is very popular among both men and women. A popular version has a dreamcatcher, with feathers extended from its hoops. Some variations have four “arms” extending from the center, each with a feather. Feathers are often used out of respect for Native American tradition. These tattoos are often located on the arms, legs, backs, ankles or hips. They are used to symbolize protection or safekeeping of one’s spirituality.

18. Arrow Feather Tattoo

The arrow through the feather symbolizes life’s choices and how they sometimes go in different directions from where you expected them to go. It can be an expression of human compassion and unification with nature, seeing things from a larger perspective. A great design for both men and women, this tattoo can be done in almost any color.

19. Owl Feather Tattoo

An Owl feather tattoo is usually found on the upper back, shoulder blades or lower back. It suggests that you are a person who has an insight into life and this could be in the form of wisdom, knowledge, understanding or beliefs. You are a person who is strong willed, independent and mysterious. It is also symbolic of the ability to see hidden or not obvious at first glance. The owl feather tattoo can be done in color or just black ink for a more subtle look.

20. Hawk Feather Tattoo

The hawk feather tattoo represents power and beauty, but also signifies a connection to the spiritual world. The hawk is symbolic of power because it has sharp eyesight and ability to fly high. It also symbolizes communication, so the hawk feather tattoo may mean that you are a good listener or have the ability to communicate well with others. These tattoos should be placed on areas that can yet be unobstructed by clothing, such as the shoulder blades or lower back.

21. Turkey Feather Tattoo

The designs often symbolize wisdom and knowledge and highlight an individual’s desire to be closer to the Divine. Turkey Feather tattoos can be placed behind the ear for women who want to hide their tattoo while working, but still want to show off their tattoo during their free time. These feathers are also often located on the ankle or wrist.

22. Feather with Birds Tattoo

The meaning of this type of feather tattoo varies across cultures and social groups, but it could be considered spiritual or deeply meaningful to the wearer. Some say it represents searching for something, and others interpret it as a prayer or message to their ancestors. It isn’t unusual to see a feather with birds tattoo on the back, shoulder blade or chest of someone of Native American descent.

23. Tribal Feather Tattoo

A tribal feather tattoo is a black and gray or colored inking of a feather with two solid bands extending from its stem. This design is usually inked on the side of the body between the ribs and hip bones, but it may also extend to stretch across that entire area. Feathers have long been recognized for their spiritual symbolism because their flight is considered divine and able to transcend into other realms. Additionally, feathers are also thought to carry the human soul after death.

24. Colorful Feather Tattoo

A colorful feather tattoo consists of a single, symmetrical feather printed on the skin. The shape and design of the feather can vary according to one’s personal preference, but it is typically decorated with several different colors and shades. These tattoos are most often found on the chest, upper back shoulder blades, and upper arms. A colorful feather symbolizes freedom or the freedom to choose one’s path in life, and it stands for self-expression and exploration.

25. Feather Plume Tattoo

This tattoo consists of a feather with its quill, or stem, running vertically up the person’s arm. The stem breaks off into separate plumes of feathers that stretch down their arm and across their chest and back. Though some cultures use it for aesthetic purposes, many different tribes and religions have used this design symbolically. Some people believe this tattoo symbolizes growth or change, while others think it represents freedom and flight.

26. Crown and Feather Tattoo

A crown and feather tattoo is a simple design that incorporates both the shape of a feather and the symbolic meaning of a crown. The body art includes one or more feathers with a single, prominent crown on top of it. The artist will typically draw these feathers on either side of your spine. The feather represents freedom, while the crown signifies leadership or royalty. A combination of these two elements symbolizes having earned both freedom and authority.

27. Watercolor Feather Tattoo

This colorful body art uses watercolors as the medium and typically has light colors and shading. The artist may use one color or multiple colors to create the design. The feather may be a standalone piece or paired with other images such as a bird or nature scene. This tattoo design represents hope, growth, and rebirth; for others, it symbolizes love and freedom; and still more, it represents their spirituality and connection with nature.

28. Small Feather Tattoo

A miniature feather tattoo is a very small, detailed feather that typically covers the back of the shoulder or ribs. These tattoos are usually done in black or gray ink, but can also be done in color. Some people get them to symbolize growth and change, while others use it to show off their personality.

29. Flower Feather Tattoo

This is a very colorful and feminine design representing the wearer’s love for nature and ability to adapt to change. The flowers represent life, while the feather symbolizes growth and individualism. It also may show your connection with the world around you. This specific tattoo is not only beautiful, but it has many different meanings to the wearer.

30. Feather Tattoo with Initials

A feather can be worn as a symbol of hope and freedom, and this symbolism is most visible when implemented as a feather tattoo with initials. When combined with initials or other elements, it can become a personal statement that reflects the wearer’s own life experiences and aspirations.


What is the meaning of a feather tattoo?

The feather tattoo is a powerful and popular symbol for women. It signifies freedom, individuality, adventure, flight, power, and the bird from which the feather comes from. It is an honored symbol in ancient civilizations and native cultures.

What is the best placement for a feather tattoo?

For women, the popular choice of placement include the forearm, the side of the ribs, shoulder, and at the back of the ear. For those who wish to be discreet, they can have their feather tattoo at the ankle, finger or the wrist.

Are feather tattoos best colored?

The color you decide upon will depend on your interpretation of the meaning behind the symbol. The most obvious would be the choice of color that denotes your love for nature. The most common colors used are greens, yellows, browns and reds, and pink is not an uncommon choice either.

What size should a feather tattoo be?

Women who want to make it big can have large feathers drawn on them in bold colors. Smaller feathers with darker colors would give a more subtle effect, suitable for those who want a tattoo just as lovely as it is meaningful.

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