30 Incredible Feather Tattoo Designs for Women

One of the most popular tattoo designs for free spirited women are feather tattoos. These symbolic ink designs are associated with freedom, strength, wisdom and courage. Depending on which bird one chooses, there are hundreds of variations that make striking body art. It can signify protection or beauty if opting for the peacock’s plumes, or respect and honor for the eagle’s feathers. 

Other elements can make your ink even more unique and meaningful. These can include vivid colors, images of birds, dreamcatchers and quotes. Feather tattoos are very versatile, and come in different sizes, big or small. And while the most common spots are forearm, ankle or thigh, they look great anywhere on the body. Let’s take a look at the most popular feather tattoo design for the free-spirited femme.    

1. Dreamcatcher and Feather Tattoo

There is nothing quite like a feather and dreamcatcher tattoo that would best describe a hobo or laid-back lifestyle. Both these images are stunning, especially when they are detailed and made with vibrant colors. Dreamcatchers are significant in the Native American culture, it symbolizes freedom and it is associated with positive thoughts or wonderful dreams. Body art that combines dream catchers with feathers is a very popular choice for women who want to showcase their femininity, independence and wisdom.  

2. Phoenix Feather Tattoo

The phoenix is a mythical bird that represents birth, death and rebirth. According to legends, the phoenix bird regenerates and is reborn from its ashes after bursting into flame. It is a well-recommended image if you like a tattoo that symbolizes triumph and renewal. Women who choose this popular body art design are often products of struggles in the past or on their personal journey. This design works best in vibrant hues like red and orange, indicating fire. 

3. Eagle Feather Tattoo

In many cultures and traditions, the eagle is a symbol of power, freedom, triumph, dominance and spirituality. It is understandable as these birds are one of the most majestic creatures to raze the skies. It is particularly important in the Native American culture, as it is in other nations. A woman wearing an eagle feather tattoo, is one that probably values strength and bravery. It is more than decorative, it is worn with pride and honor.   

4. Feather and Arrow Tattoo

Another combination of tattoo elements that is deeply associated with the Native American culture are the plumage and arrow design.  A feather in an arrow is meant to stabilize the weapon while being used for protection and hunting. Choosing these combined elements for body art symbolize strength and stability. There are variations to the design depending on how complex or simple you want it to be, but it always is rich in meaning and is very popular amongst women. 

5. Peacock Feather Tattoo

If you are after something exciting, bold and bright, choosing the peacock feather tattoo design is an excellent choice. This design is all about colors, thus it is easily noticeable. The peacock feather is associated with many things depending on the culture or tradition. It represents luxury, pride, royalty and beauty. It is a wonderful reminder of self-love, protection, and acceptance. 

6. Owl Feather Tattoo

Another idea you might love for your next ink is the owl feather tattoo design. This nocturnal bird is associated with various things, such as knowledge and wisdom. It is also regarded as a symbol of a guardian of knowledge in the Native American culture. While for ancient Romans, it is believed that when an owl hoots, it heralds the death of someone important. You can have its feather inked or include an image of the owl itself for a unique and beautiful body art. 

7. Wrist Feather Tattoo

For a tattoo that you want to see everyday, the best spot probably is on the wrist! Getting a feather tattoo on this spot is a common choice for both men and women because of its visibility. A small, simple yet elegant feather design works best if you intend to have plumage design in this spot. Likewise, the skin on the wrist is quite thin, thus it might be a bit painful to have a body art in this spot.

8. Hawk Feather Tattoo

The hawk is another bird that symbolizes strength and success in life. A woman who wishes to be reminded of her inner strength and triumphs may opt for this meaningful ink design.  Hawk feathers are often associated with protection, positivity, happiness and turning point. It has a beautiful detail in a long and narrow design. This one will be an excellent piece of art for women who struggled and succeeded. 

9. Native American Feather Tattoo

Feathers have various purposes and meanings in the Native American culture. Depending on the use, feathers can take on different meanings, but typically, it is associated with bravery, protection and strength. Indian warriors have adorned their garments with feathers, incorporated it into weapons or tools and used it to honor the brave.  If you are planning to get this type of body art, make a research about it first to ensure that you are mindful of their culture and avoid being insensitive with your chosen design. 

10. Turkey Feather Tattoo

Turkey feathers were used by Native Americans as a stabilizer for their other feather accessories. It is associated with abundance and fertility. If you are looking for a unique feather design that will symbolize wisdom, honor, and power, then choosing turkey feather is an ideal choice to make. Depending on the creativeness of your artists, this design will have meaning and be amazing body art on an independent woman.  

11. Feather with Birds Tattoo

There are many meanings that are associated with feather tattoos, but the most powerful one is about freedom. Many people wish to have the same ability as the birds to travel to places and go beyond reach. Make these images a body art that will constantly remind you to pursue your dreams and your passions. A tattoo design that features a feather and tiny birds is a symbol of human’s longing to be free and succeed in their endeavors. 

12. Tribal Feather Tattoo

For Native Americans, the feather holds great significance. It is used in their daily items like garments and arrows. It is also used in ceremonies. Feathers hold value that represents courage, honor and trust. If the Native American culture inspires you to get a feather tattoo, make some research first to avoid choosing an offensive or inappropriate design. 

13. Colorful Feather Tattoo

Colorful tattoos are eye-catching, vibrants and beautiful, they simply come to life when one notices the body art. A feather design in such colors can be an amazing choice for women who love life and freedom. Feathers are associated with lightness and in using your favorite bright shades, creates something that is totally YOU! However, bright colored inks tend to fade, thus choose a spot with minimal sun exposure to ensure that it ages well and beautifully.  

14. Infinity Feather Tattoo

The infinity symbol is a top choice of tattoo design for women. It represents continuity and timelessness. When combined with another unique symbol like the feather, you create an even more striking art. It can showcase your affection, hopes and goals. It is a beautiful piece of art that women of independence and goals can consider for their next ink.  

15. Feather Tattoo on the Forearm

Getting a feather tattoo on the forearm is a great idea if you want to show off a decent sized ink. Choose something that is rich in meaning, because this location is highly visible, for you and for others. They will surely be asking for the meaning of your feather tattoo when it’s done. Likewise, getting a detailed body art on the forearm will not hurt as bad as the one you have on your wrist! 

16. Feather Plume Tattoo

Feathers quills were the first items used to write and communicate. Choosing a plume for a tattoo is recommended for women who love writing or literature. It represents tradition, good manners, grace and beauty. You may even include words or phrases that mean a lot to you for more meaningful ink design. 

17. Behind the Ear Feather Tattoo

Getting a feather tattoo is a wonderful emulation of your favorite celebrity.  These designs are noticeably understated but really cool. A tattoo behind the ear is perfect for women because of the underlying feminine quality about it. It is one of the best ways for you to express your style and values. Often, tattoo designs in this spot are made small and quick because it can be quite painful to have this area inked. 

18. Feather and Crown Tattoo

When the crown and a feather are combined in a tattoo, one often wonders what it means. The combination might be a bit unusual, but with creative design, it can be a beautiful piece of art. A crown symbolizes power and glory, while the feather is all about strength and freedom.  Have it inked in rich, bold colors for an art that teems with symbolism.  

19. Watercolor Feather Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are done with wonderfully blended colors which look like they are running into one another. It’s like being painted on a canvas, but the canvas is your body. This technique also works exceptionally well with nature designs like the feather. On the other hand, choose a spot where it is not exposed to sunlight to ensure that it ages nicely and does not fade quickly. 

20. Feather Hand Tattoo

A tattoo on the hand definitely asks for attention. If you are thinking of having this spot inked, it is crucial that you choose the perfect design that you’ll be proud to wear everyday. A feather design is a good suggestion if you still haven’t made up your mind. It is associated with honor, power, and freedom – everything that is appealing to an independent woman. 

21. Miniature Feather Tattoo

While some people love to showcase their body art, there are also some who wish for a simple and discreet reminder of their goals. A tiny feather tattoo is just as symbolic and rich in meaning as those with full details and colors. It still represents honor, strength, trust, freedom and triumph. Opting for a miniature or small feather art also gives you unlimited options on its placement. It can be on a finger, behind the ear, wrist or ankle. 

22. Feather Tattoo on the Ankle

Many women want to get a tattoo on their ankles. It is probably the most feminine part of their body, and it’s understandable why it is a preferred ink placement. It is the perfect spot for a small feather design. It can be a discreet location, and it gives the art a more personal touch.  On the other hand, be ready for some discomfort as this post is quite sensitive for inking. 

23. Feather Tattoo on the Finger

Finger tattoos are very dainty and cute, thus many women would love having their ink designs like this. If you want a meaningful, small and simple feather tattoo design, choose this placement. Feathers work well with fingers because of its long and slender shape. However, finger tattoos fade faster because your hands are exposed and are washed frequently. If you don’t mind having it retouched, then go for an elegant and small design. 

24. Feather Tattoo on the Neck

Neck tattoos used to be associated with thugs and delinquent people. Back in the days, this spot is not a good placement for body art no matter how dainty it is. But today, perceptions about tattoos are much better. A girl getting a feather tattoo on the neck will call some attention. Thus, choose the perfect design that makes a statement. You may also consider designs that go down the back. Also, be ready to experience some discomfort as the neck is a very sensitive area. 

25. Feather Tattoo on the Foot

Getting inked on the foot is actually a painful experience. It will take some time to heal, thus wearing shoes will surely hurt. But if you can endure it, getting a feather tattoo on this spot is an appealing choice. After the initial discomfort, you can cover it up with your footwear or show it off in your sandals. You can get something powerful or something dainty. Your foot provides ample space for a detailed feather design. 

26. Feather Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are another excellent idea for women who are keen on getting a feather tattoo. It can be a half sleeve tattoo which can easily be hidden or a full sleeve that runs from the shoulders to the wrists. The upper arms are an ideal placement for several feather tattoo designs because of its length. You can choose a powerful or a dainty feather design if you intend to have it on your sleeve. 

27. Feather with Flowers Tattoo

There probably is nothing more feminine than having a combination of feather and flowers in a tattoo design. This dainty, but meaningful body art could be the perfect design for your next inking. Feathers and your favorite flowers can symbolize your dreams and goals. It will be the perfect reminder of your self-worth, beauty and value. Feathers with flowers tattoo can be placed in various spots like arms, shoulder, thigh, side or feet. 

28. Feather Tattoo on the Shoulders

Another ideal feather tattoo design and placement that is popular among independent modern women are matching tattoos on the shoulders. The placement can vary from the top of the shoulders to the  shoulder blades at the back. The design can be simple graphics, to elaborate groups of feathers that look like an angel’s wings. Feather is rich in symbolism across cultures and even religions. A feather tattoo on the shoulders can mean a lot of things for the wearer. Choose your designs well, this spot is perfect whether you want to show off your ink or you want it well-hidden. 

29. Feather Tattoo on the Side

Getting a feather tattoo on the side or the rib cage is another popular option for women. It connects to the idea of growing your own wings and being able to fly. Having a meaningful tattoo design along with the symbolism of the placement, is indeed powerful for getting this ink.  The side or the rib cage also allows for a grander, more detailed feather tattoo design that you can imagine. It has plenty of space and it is well protected from sunlight. A fair skinned woman getting inked in this spot, will have an amazing body art that is bright and beautiful. 

30. Feather Tattoo with Initials

And last on our list of feather tattoo ideas that are perfect for modern independent females, is one that comes with a letter initial. This design is actually popular because of its personal note. The initials or letter that is combined with the feather could mean something really important to the wearer. It can be her initials or someone special. It combines two symbolic elements in a unique body art. Choose a design, color and font that you really love and wear this one ink design with love. 


What do feather tattoos mean?

The feather tattoo is a powerful and popular symbol for women. It signifies flight, lightness, power, and the bird from which the feather comes from. It can be a generic feather image, denoting freedom and flight. It is an honored symbol in ancient civilizations and native cultures.

What is the best placement for a feather tattoo?

For women, the popular choice of placement include the forearm, the side of the ribs, shoulder, and at the back of the ear. For those who wish to be discreet, they can have their feather tattoo at the ankle, finger or the wrist.