How To Safely Perform An Enema At Home For First-Timers

Enemas are the answer to your severe constipation problems. It’s a liquid treatment that stimulates ‘stool evacuation.’ What this means is that it’s a technique that’s supposed to cleanse out your colon by pushing waste out of your rectum.

There are 2 major types of enemas:

  • Cleansing Enema
    • The cleansing enema is a gentle type of enema. It stays in your body for a short period of time. Or just enough to get your natural bowel movement going. This type of enema gently flushes out the colon by eliminating water and loose fecal matter.
  • Retention Enema
    • A retention enema is the opposite of a cleansing enema. It stays in the body longer so the colon absorbs the solution. The amount of time this type of enema stays in your body ranges from a few minutes to a few hours.

Cleansing your colon this way is not as scary as it seems. Here’s how to do it in your own home:

1. Clear your schedule.

An enema can take hours to complete. So it’s best to do it on a day where you have nothing to do. This way, you won’t have to stress about not being late to work or school.

2. Prepare a timer, some towels, and lubrication.

Keep them near you when you’re about to do your enema.

3. Fill your enema bag with your desired solution.

Make sure to use warm water to fill up the bag. Clamp the bag shut. Get rid of air bubbles by holding the bag with the hose end down and opening the clamp for a moment to let out the any air.

4. Lay down in a place near your toilet.

It should be a spot that’s big enough for you to lie down on your stomach or side with your knees (or one knee) to your chest.

5. Lubricate the end of the tube with a lubricant of your choice.

It makes insertion more tolerable.

6. Insert the tip of the tube into your rectum.

Insert no more than 4 inches of the enema nozzle. Try bearing it down and pushing your anus out. This part is a little uncomfortable but shouldn’t be painful. If you experience severe pain, call a doctor or nurse right away.

7. Once you’ve inserted the nozzle in, squeeze the bag loaded with enema solution so it enters your colon.

How much solution should be in your body is up to you. We recommend using up the whole bag. But if it’s beyond your level of comfort then feel free to stop squeezing the solution at any given time.

8. Remove the nozzle and wait it out.

The key to a successful enema is to keep the solution in for several minutes. This can go for five minutes or even longer, depending on the type of enema you are using. Don’t forget to check your timer.

9. Release.

This is the best part. Sit, or squat, on your toilet and expel all the liquid into the toilet. Now, your body is free of toxins. Remember to not strain yourself as it might cause hemorrhoids.

Do I really need to buy an enema kit?

We recommend that you do. Enema kits are safer and made with the very purpose of giving yourself an enema. While you can improvise a kit with some household materials, we still recommend you buy one instead.

Should I consider giving myself an enema?

Before you go to the nearest pharmacy, check with your doctor if it’s time to perform an enema. Constipation problems are common and your doctor might recommend taking a laxative first. If that doesn’t get rid of the problem, then that’s the time your doctor suggests doing an enema. Remember, an enema only serves as the last resort for constipation treatment. It is not something you use on a regular basis because while it cleanses your colon, it can irritate your intestines.

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