Is This The World’s Fittest Grandpa? 61-Year-Old Stuns With Incredible Six-Pack

A grandad from China is putting young people across the globe to shame after pictures of his impressive physique have found their way online.

Liang Xiang , 61, from Chengdu, Sichuan, south-west China, who has a son and a grandson, has hit the headlines in China for his incredible six pack and the tireless workout regimens behind them.

According to People’s Daily Online, his hard work is all part of his plan to become the oldest Chinese driver in the Dakar Rally off-road car race in South America.

After making enough money from his business, Liang started to take part in lengthy, difficult drives overseas. But he found that he was physically struggling to keep up.

And so he began a 10-year pursuit of fitness, which have led to his incredible physique.

Liang follows a strict diet, which includes seven main meals per day and cutting down on meat.

Social media users in China have praised Liang, with one commenter writing on Weibo, “None of us has an excuse for not being able to lose weight now.”

Another said, “What an inspiring man! He lives for his dream and it has nothing to do with money!”

Proof, ladies and gentlemen, that it’s never too late to make a change.

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