35 Best Flower Tattoos For Men

Even among men, flowers have become a popular image to get tattooed since they’re visually appealing and rich in symbolic value. The appeal of blooms as tattoos is their versatility as there are many different flowers to choose from, with each one boasting a unique meaning. There are several ways to get creative with flower tattoos, and the best part is, they work well with different elements, making them a great tattoo choice among passionate and free-spirited men. 

If you’re looking for a flower that you’d be proud to show off to the world, look no further for your next ink inspiration with our 35 best flower tattoo ideas for men. 

1. Simple Flower Tattoo

If you’re looking for a tattoo piece but don’t want to grab much attention but still get quality ink, there’s nothing better than getting a minimalistic tattoo. These are effortlessly cool and can be a ‘quick tattoo’ to get for anyone, all while boasting a deep meaning. Additionally, simple flower tattoos are an excellent way to ease into body art if you’re new to the whole concept, making it the perfect first piece.

2. Linework Flower Tattoo

Like printmaking, linework-styled tattoos use marks to create imagery, resulting in a unique and minimalistic ink. It’s a great way to emphasize a flower tattoo’s message and appeal, making it an excellent choice for men to show off their desire for all things colorful and alive. 

3. Small Flower Tattoo

Whether you’re getting your first-ever tattoo or your fifteenth piece, you can never go wrong with getting a small tattoo. These types of tattoos are so versatile that you can virtually place them anywhere on your body, including your fingers and behind your ears. The best part about small tattoos is that they tend to cause minor discomfort due to their miniature size. The beauty of flower tattoos is that there’s so much variety in the flowers themselves and the technique. Whether you pick a rose to showcase your passion or a poppy flower for patriotism, a small flower tattoo is a great and fun tattoo for men.

4. Dainty Flower Tattoo

Although delicate and beautiful floral tattoos are a favorite choice among women, it’s also an excellent choice for men. After all, thanks to the beauty of flowers, there’s a lot of variation for you to choose from, so all you need to do is select a color, design, and plant resonating well with you. It’s best to pick a small and delicate tattoo design since you’re not limited in placement. 

5. Flower Bouquet Tattoo

If you can’t settle with just one or two flowers and want something more colorful to resonate with your sensitive side, why not get a tattoo of a whole bouquet? You can choose different flowers that hold special meaning to you—for instance, roses for love or the Gladiolus for familial love. Overall, a flower bouquet tattoo is an excellent choice. It expands your creativity while allowing you to show off the different varieties of flowers, leaving a more lasting impact and statement.

6. Traditional Flower Tattoo

Traditional tattoos are a blanket term for different artwork defined by their vibrant colors and emphasized outlines, with specific images being favored, such as flowers. This tattoo technique is a great way to make your flower tattoos more eye-catching, bringing the simplest of designs to life. Although particular methods are typical for conventional tattooing, that doesn’t mean you can’t make something unique. 

7. Black and Gray Flower Sleeve Tattoo

Although not necessarily colorful, a back and gray flower-themed tattoo that hugs your arms is a great way to stand out. It’s a fun way to be creative as it gives you a chance to incorporate different blooms into the mix, making it more visually appealing and meaningful. The subtle black and gray colors can make the entire sleeve softer, giving the flowers a more delicate personality.

8. Hawaiian Flower Tattoo

The hibiscus flower is considered the symbol for Hawaii as anyone can see the bloom growing everywhere in the sunny state, adding a pop of color throughout the location. It’s a flower that generally represents good health and hospitality, all while evoking feelings of happiness and a generally care-free existence—all perfectly translating into body art. It’s a perfect tattoo choice for free-spirited men looking to add more color to their bodies. 

9. Japanese Flower Tattoo

The art of Japanese tattooing, or Irezumi, is distinct, usually favoring vibrant colors and a unique black and gray contrast. It usually features a significant subject in Japanese cultures, like dragons, koi fish, or cherry blossoms. These blooms usually symbolize beauty, good fortune, purity, and life’s fragility, making it an excellent tattoo option that’s meaningful and colorful, perfect for artistic men. 

10. Japanese Style, Buddha Black, and Gray Flower Tattoo

Japanese style tattooing is a common theme regarding flower tattoos, and combining that with the holy being that’s Buddha strengthens the meaning of the ink. This theme is often tied together with the supporting designs of flowers and waves. It’s a unique design perfect for men looking for something new. 

11. Flower of Life Tattoo

If you often contemplate life and its beauty, then getting a flower of life tattoo is ideal. The imagery represents a cycle of joy, often designed using a series of concentric circles. Modern tattoo techniques have made the flower of life tattoo even more appealing, allowing it to stand out with ease. It’s a great statement piece for any man looking to express their feelings. 

12. Tribal Flower Tattoo

Tribal flower tattoos are a great combination of culture, honor, and beauty. Some of the more well-known techniques originate from Hawaii or Polynesia and are usually emphasized by heavy black ink, consisting of flowers. Modern versions allow you to add bright blooms with deep meaning, making it a perfect tattoo design to explore for men. 

13. Birth Flower Tattoo

If you’re looking for a tattoo piece symbolizing a ‘special’ month to you, a birth flower is an excellent choice. Each month usually has a different bloom dedicated to it, with each one having a unique message. All you need to do is choose one related to your birth month. 

14. Geometric Flower Tattoo

If you’re looking for something unique or a flower tattoo that stands out, then getting a geometric flower tattoo is ideal. It’s one of the most popular approaches for flower tattoos since the imagery is versatile, allowing the wearer to choose from several variations. Geometric flower tattoos generally represent beauty and life. 

15. Flower Heart Tattoo

Combining a flower and a heart is an excellent choice for passionate and romantic men looking to show their vibrant personalities and beliefs. Don’t hesitate to get creative with this concept and create something that holds utmost importance to you, giving you a unique piece that shows your personality and passion. 

16. Watercolor Flower Tattoo

Watercolor tattooing is a relatively new technique in the industry and is one of the most stunning styles to use for flowers as the ink’s blended, making it look like an actual painting, bringing it to life. This technique is increasingly becoming popular because of its striking appearance, making it look perfect when used for flower tattoos. 

17. Lotus Tattoo 

A full sleeve Japanese-themed tattoo with lotus flowers as its focal point is a great way to show off your personality as they’re usually colorful and deep. The lotus flower is a sacred bloom often drawn in geometrical patterns and countered to emphasize its message more. This exquisite flower symbolizes truth, purity, and spiritual awakening.

18. Daisy Tattoo

The daisy is a bloom often associated with loyalty and love. It’s an excellent body art choice, and men usually get daisy tattoos to honor someone dear to them or serve as a memorial piece for a loved one who has passed. The daisies ‘ elegance and simplicity also lend themselves well to various styles and can be made more ‘complex’ by having them made through a geometric technique. 

19. Rose Tattoo

Roses are some of the most popular flower tattoos among men as it’s both gorgeous and symbolic. There are numerous interpretations of this flower, and it usually differs per color. For instance, red roses are associated with romance, love, and passion, while yellow symbolizes happiness and friendship. Because of their diverse meaning and colorful visuals, rose tattoos have become a common tattoo choice among men who want to express their passionate side. 

Additionally, you may add more to the meaning by including other images like a skull or clock, making it more personal. 

20. Peony Tattoo

For ‘sporty’ men looking to immortalize their playing numbers or men looking to assert their strength and overall capability, getting a Peony flower tattoo is ideal. The Peony flower is widely believed to be named after Paeon, the infamous physician of the Greek gods. It symbolizes healing and protection, making them ideal for active and athletic men. Peonies often symbolize good fortune, wealth, and prosperity. 

21. Lily Tattoo

If you’re looking to get a flower tattoo representing transformation and purity, then a lily flower is an excellent choice since the bloom is often associated with those things. Although lilies are generally considered to be feminine, it doesn’t men can choose this imagery. Generally, getting inked with lily flowers can be a way for men to honor the women in their lives, whether their mother or significant other. 

22. Magnolia Tattoo

The Magnolia flower is usually associated with innocence and endurance. Although it’s famous for its femininity, it’s a favorite choice among men who are in touch with their feminine side. It can also be a way to honor the strong women in your life. For men, it’s best to have the Magnolia flower tattoo in full color, emphasizing your message more while making you stand out. Regardless of how you choose to interpret and design this flower, it’s likely a decision you won’t regret.

23. Jasmine Tattoo

Jasmine flowers are famous for their sweet fragrance and visual appeal, making them a great tattoo choice for men. The bloom’s color is often linked with purity and cleanliness, all while representing beauty and sensuality. The combination of these different meanings makes a Jasmine flower tattoo rich in symbolism. It’s best to make it more prominent by choosing to have the tattoo a visible spot, reminding you of the beauty in life. 

24. Hibiscus Tattoo

The hibiscus flower is often linked with summer as it’s the sort of bloom that never fails to bring up feelings of good times and warm weather and is usually inked as a celebration of the warm season and its native country, Hawaii. However, you don’t need to be a local to appreciate the bloom’s beauty, and its red coloring makes it a perfect choice for men looking to add a little color to their body art. 

25. Iris Tattoo

The rich and robust color of the Iris flower makes for a tattoo that can instantly catch the attention of onlookers. It’s a flower that’s visually appealing and rich in symbolic value. Iris flowers are often perceived to symbolize wisdom and hope. Additionally, it also has the same name as the Greek goddess Iris, representing the rainbow, serving as the messenger to the Greek gods. For men interested in Greek mythology, getting an Iris flower tattoo is ideal. 

26. Poppy Tattoo

The poppy flower is a bloom often used to honor fallen soldiers, representing peace and death, with its vibrant red color often linked to bloom. Although a bit dark, it’s an excellent way to honor fallen troops, paying tribute to a friend, loved one, or simply showing off patriotism. The poppy bloom, on its own, can make for an interesting tattoo. However, it takes on more meaning when combined with different images, like men in uniform or battlegrounds. 

27. Sunflower Tattoo

The sunflower is one of the most distinguished blooms, making it an excellent choice for men. The bloom got its name from the sun because of its rich yellow color, representing life. It’s a fun flower to get alone or combined with other images. 

28. Cherry Blossom Tattoo

There’s no better ink design than charming cherry blossoms following traditional Japanese tattoo techniques. It’s a piece that combines power and color, representing beauty and a reminder of how fragile one’s life can be. This pink and yellow bloom which sprouts during springtime in Japan, is a crucial and integral part of their culture. Men often pair cherry blossoms with masculine tattoos to provide harmony since sakura symbolizes femininity and grace.

29. Forget Me Not Tattoo

The forget me not flower is hard to miss due to its unique name, bright blue color, and rich symbolic value. This bloom is often associated with love, remembrance, and protection, honoring relationships and those important to you. It’s a great tattoo to get to honor someone dear to you. 

30. Narcissus Tattoo

The Narcissus, commonly known as daffodil, is a gorgeous flower that comes in white or yellow. This flower usually blooms during springtime and serves as a sign that winter or the struggle is over. For this very reason, the flower is often associated with life, birth, and fresh starts, making it a visually appealing tattoo exuding positivity. It’s an excellent choice for men looking to motivate themselves and push further. 

31. Gladiolus Tattoo

The Gladiolus flower represents confidence and familial value, allowing men to show off their pride. Additionally, this flower can symbolize infatuation or heartache. The flower alone is often referred to as the ‘sword lily,’ thanks to its shape, representing strength and honor. The best part about getting a Gladiolus tattoo is that the detailed plant works well in ‘bigger’ placement options, like the chest and arm, allowing the wearer to show off its full glory. 

Since the Gladiolus flower comes in different colors, you can choose one that has the meaning that resonates with you the most. For instance, yellow Gladiolus flowers represent positivity, while purple is connected with nobility and grace.

32. Violet Flower Tattoo

Violets are small blooms that are easily recognizable due to their stunning purple color. It’s a flower often associated with religion, representing wisdom and faithfulness. Other qualities of the flower include healing and love. There are numerous ways to interpret a violet flower’s meaning, and you can choose one that appeals the most to you. Regardless of the one you pick, the violet flower tattoo is an excellent choice for men. 

33. Flower With Butterflies Tattoo

Butterflies represent freedom, change, and beauty, with the insect being one of the most famous images for tattoos thanks to their gorgeous appearance and rich symbolism. These insects are usually designed alongside other natural elements, and when combined with any flower, it gives it more meaning. For instance, the combination of a butterfly and magnolia adds to the message of endurance and innocence. 

34. Lion and Flower Tattoo

The lion is one of the most majestic and respected animals and is a popular tattoo choice among men. The mighty beast is usually associated with strength and courage, making it an excellent option for men in touch with their more aggressive side. When combined with flowers, the lion symbolizes the perfect balance between power and beauty.  

35. Skull and Flower Tattoo

The human skull is a famous image option for tattoos and is a universally recognized symbol, often associated with death, strength, and mortality. When combined with flowers, skulls seem to take a more positive message. For instance, the combination may be interpreted as the balance between life and death or fresh beginnings and rebirth. These two images are often linked together, and depending on your preferred flower, the meanings vary. 


What kind of flower tattoo looks good with men?

In nature, there are endless choices in flowers. The same is true for flower tattoos for men. They can choose any color, flower and style that suits their character. The flowers can be part of a cohesive theme for a large tattoo design, or they could be small discreet body inks. Bold flower tattoos look very masculine, but even watercolor tattoos can look great on a man’s body.

What do flower tattoos on men symbolize?

Each flower has its own distinct meaning, and can range from sadness, grief, to joy and love. However, generally, flower tattoos denote love or a loved one.