Mom Makes Healthy Meals Kid-Friendly With Amazing Cartoon Food Art

Any parent knows that the key to tricking kids into eating better is making food look better.

One day, Melbourne native Laleh Mohmedi transformed her son’s pancakes into a lion. After posting it to her Facebook page, she had such an overwhelming response from her friends, that she decided to keep doing it — from there, she made Jacob’s Food Diaries.

Laleh now has over 51k followers on Instagram, and her posts just keep getting better and better.

Check out this fruit and veggie platter formed into Inside Out characters!

How about these minion saffron rice balls, huh?

Kermit avo toast! Yum!

Mash, chicken, veggies and wild rice all morphed into Goofy!

This healthy version of a ‘freakshake’ looks pretty bomb, don’t you think?

Slow roasted lamb with wholemeal wrap and veggies formed into Abu from Aladdin.

A protein-packed tribute to Finding Nemo featuring lentils, mash, and rice.

Nick Wilde from Zootopia made out of sweet potato mash, spinach, beetroot, figs, and wholemeal wrap.

It’s Marty from Madagascar, made as a smoothie bowl!

Laleh’s dishes are all healthy, organic and no doubt look too adorable to eat. You can view more of Laleh’s dishes here.