15 Of The Funniest Amazon Reviews Ever Written

#1. This UFO Detector didn’t live up to the buyer’s expectations.

#2. This Silent Wired Mouse worked almost TOO well.

#3. This lady was so excited to be able to write with special For Her BiC pens.

#4. We’re not sure what this person wanted seaweed extract pills for, but they seem happy.

#5. This Swiss Army Knife was life changing in so many ways.

#6. This movie buff was seriously disappointed by The Wolf of Wall Street.

#7. And this person spotted the spoilers on this book cover immediately.

#8. They might be pricey, but these $3,000 Nike trainers were SO worth it.

#9. This Male Chastity Device is making a teenage boy very sad, but his (slightly scary) mom is very happy.

#10. This Banana Slicer has the ability to save marriages (and slice bananas, we assume).

#11. This Rubber Penguin Mask isn’t just for costume parties.

#12. Four ports in a USB wall charger are better than one, but it can lead to new issues…

#13. This Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream had some unexpected side effects.

#14. Thanks, Brian, for sharing the many functions of a tub of glitter.

#15. And this reviewer just couldn’t resist a dig at EA’s expensive downloadable content.

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