Are You Using Band-Aids All Wrong? Genius Japanese Hack Reveals The Perfect Way To Secure A Plaster

There’s nothing more annoying than putting a Band-Aid on a finger — the size is all wrong, they go raggedy, and then they leave a gross gray smudge on your finger.

But a Japanese Band-Aid fan has found the perfect way to ensure the fabric dressing stays put and does the job, and it’s gone crazy viral online.


Twitter user @ponzuyu shared the diagram explaining how to get the best fit from a plaster.

The hack involves cutting a plaster at both ends and then placing the strips of Band-Aid diagonally to ensure a snug fit on the injured finger.

The plaster “wrap” idea has since been pinballing across the internet, particularly in Japan, where Band-Aids are a source of cultural fascination.


Elaborate designs for Band-Aids, such as recreating characters and figures, are hugely popular in Japan.

@ponzuyo’s genius trick has been hailed a “game changer” while others called the hack simply “genius”. Our collective minds have been blown.


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