A Germanwings Pilot Reassured His Passengers That He’d Get Them Home Safe, And It Was Beautiful

A passenger named Britta Englisch recently decided to share her experience of flying on a Germanwings flight.

Gestern morgen um 8:40 h stieg ich mit gemischten Gefühlen in einen Germanwings Flug von Hamburg nach Köln. Doch dann…

Posted by Britta Englisch on Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Her flight took place just one day after co-pilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately sent a Germanwings plane on a murder-suicide descent into the Alps, killing everyone on board.


“Yesterday morning at 8:40 a.m., I got onto a Germanwings flight from Hamburg to Cologne with mixed feelings,” she wrote on the Germanwings Facebook page.


“But then the captain not only welcomed each passenger separately, he also made a short speech before take off. Not from the cockpit — he was standing in the cabin.”


“He spoke about how the accident touched him and the whole crew. About how queasy the crew feels, but that everybody from the crew is voluntarily here.”


“And about his family and that the crew have a family and that he is going to do everything to be with his family again tonight. It was completely silent. And then everybody applauded. I want to thank this pilot.”


“He understood what everybody was thinking. And that he managed to give, at least me, a good feeling for this flight.”

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